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17th July 2024 Issue no. 714

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Genuine Lishi Training Kit

* Lishi-manual.jpgGenuine Lishi tools are renowned Worldwide as the leading brand in auto locksmith tools. Backed by an unrivalled lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults, you know that when you order a Genuine Lishi tool, you are getting guaranteed quality, durability and manufacturing with care and precision.

From Genuine Lishi 3 in 1 tools; picks; decoders; Tibbe Picks and the brand new Patented Genuine Lishi Night Vision Tools, Genuine Lishi offers a huge variety of tools to cover a majority of vehicle makes and models.

Once you have purchased a Genuine Lishi tool, there is a lot of skill and practice that goes into using them effectively. Usually you would have to book yourself on an auto training course, which can be very expensive and time consuming. So Genuine Lishi has developed and updated their fantastic Genuine Lishi Training Kit, which has over 200 pages of information picking the brains of the leading auto locksmith expert Martin Pink. And for this week only, Tradelocks are offering the Training Kit for only £99+VAT, which is better than half price!

Kevin Pritchard, Tradelocks Technical Manager, says, "The Genuine Lishi Training Kit is the perfect way to learn the ropes and numerous fantastic tricks with your new Genuine Lishi tools. Whether you are a professional or novice locksmith, using the Training Kit will not only help you to better understand and interact with your Genuine Lishi tools, but successfully earn a living using them!"

The Training Kit has recently been updated, and new chapters have been added in which includes all the latest tools including the Patented Genuine Lishi Night Vision 3 in 1 pick and decoders!

Kevin continues, "Featuring 50 different lock types, you will be able to use your Genuine Lishi tools at an expert level. In the Training Kit you will find vital information covering each lock individually, discovering the correct tension; the direction at which to pick; the correct picking sequence; the direction at which to decode; and numerous other individual characteristics of each of the Genuine Lishi tools."

Kevin concludes, "When it comes to picking and decoding, the Training Kit digs deeper into the Genuine Lishi tools. With fully readable, understandable, and easy to follow details as to how the Genuine Lishi tools interact with the lock, you will discover where the wafers are located and where they aren't. You will learn which way the wafers move and which lever on the Genuine Lishi tool moves them! You will also find numerous facts and secrets of sequence picking, and each guide is accompanied by images and notes written by Martin!"

The Genuine Lishi Training Kit is available for only £99+VAT from Tradelocks until Friday 14th August! For more information, or to purchase this essential Training Kit, visit www.tradelocks.co.uk/complete-genuine-lishi-training-manual.html

12th August 2015

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