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27th September 2023 Issue no. 673

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1st Call Lockouts and Tradelocks announce a new and unique partnership

* TL1.jpg"The industry needs a high quality training facility" says David Jennings, MD of UAP Tradelocks. "And Tradelocks have been considering launching our own facility based in Manchester. In fact Martin Pink has already written all the modules."

David continues, "But why re-invent the wheel? I have been aware of Richard Bunn and the fantastic training offered by 1st Call Lockouts, and the quality of the membership of the associated NNAL organisation for several years.

And using the age old phrase 'if you can't beat them, join them', I approached Richard to see if we had any any common areas and objectives, and I was amazed just how closely aligned we are."

"We both care passionately about offering the very best product we can at the best value we can offer. We care about our customers, and our partners. We both have a long term objective of being the market leaders in our respective areas. And we both are backed by a highly talented and capable team. So I approached Richard to chat about Tradelocks working together and Richard was very receptive."

Richard says "Everyone in the industry knows Tradelocks, and I have been buying from them myself since they started and have always found them to offer great products at very competitive prices. I also know that Tradelocks have a very powerful marketing team. But it wasn't until I met David and Martin Pink that I realised just how passionate they are about enhancing the skills of the industry via high quality training. So, partnering with Tradelocks was a no brainer for me and my team."

So what does this agreement actually entail, and how does it affect the industry?

* TL2.jpgDavid explains, "Real Training is an expensive business, which when done properly requires a huge investment in the latest products and industry knowledge. And it is unrealistic for any training company to have the multi-level skills to cover all the specialist areas. Tradelocks brings to the table a huge resource of products for training, and associations with the very best minds in the industry such as Martin Pink and Chris Belcher to name just 2. And for us, Richard has the best training facility in the industry and an uncanny ability to get the best out of each and every student. It is a fabulous partnership that means Richard can continue to offer, and indeed expand upon, his high quality training at affordable rates."

One aspect of the training centre in Birmingham is the new Keyline Centre, sponsored by Tradelocks and Keyline. This centre will house a lot of Keyline's fantastic key cutting and cloning machines. Richard says, "Not only will this allow us to train students on these wonderful machines, but also this will give Tradelocks and Keyline a drop in centre in Birmingham for anyone wanting to have a demonstration on the whole range of products"

Martin Pink says, "Richard is a class act and his reputation within the industry, and his reputation for training is second to none. I endorsed the Tradelocks decision to partner with Richard, and I am enjoying the meeting of minds with Richard and we are developing some fantastic opportunities together"

David says, "Tradelocks have some major plans for the future, and this association with 1st Call Lockouts is a major step forward for both of us"

For more information call Tradelocks on 0161 796 7268 or 1st Call Lockouts on 0121 459 8722.

To book your place on one of the fantastic training courses available, visit http://1stcalllockouts.co.uk/page/locksmith-training.

2nd September 2015

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