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31st May 2023 Issue no. 658

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Remote power control through the GSM network? No IP address or network access required

* Powertxt.jpgPowertxt Duo allows remote power control of two independent devices (e.g. router & switch or server) over the GSM network (mobile network) reducing downtime of your equipment to a minimum.

There are many IP Power Control devices on the market today but they all need access to your network making them a point of weakness within your infrastructure.

- Remotely control power to two devices independently
- Instant alert when mains power is lost/restored
- Reboot one or both devices remotely
- No security risks (true out of band, no IP address/network access needed)
- Worldwide use
- No installation required (just plug and play)
- Designed & manufactured in the UK
- Software to control any number of devices

Powertxt Duo Security Features

- Powertxt Duo only controls the power to your equipment (it has no connection with the equipment itself)
- Numerical password set by the user and required within every command
- One user with full control and additional users can only be added by the main user
- If any non-programmed user tries to access the device their SMS is ignored
- If an additional user turns either device on/off the master user always gets notified

For more information on Powertxt Duo email [email protected] or call +44 203 176 3094

9th September 2015

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