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21st February 2024 Issue no. 693

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Tradelocks demonstrate new Keyline key cutting machines at UK's largest locksmith tradeshow

* Ninja-Laser.jpgUAP Tradelocks presented their prevalent Keyline Key Cutting Machines at the UK's largest exhibition tradeshow for the locksmith and security industry.

Proving their machines are a cut above the rest, Tradelocks will be giving demonstrations of some of their top products at this year's MLA event.

As industry leading manufacturers of key cutting and cloning technology, Keyline are globally recognised for their product innovation and easy to use proficient machines. UAP Tradelocks is proud to showcase the revolutionary range of Keyline technology.

The Expo which takes place between the 2nd and 4th of October, is the biggest of its kind in the UK. It allows those in the industry to debut products, present the latest in locksmith and security solutions as well as announce fantastic offers their companies have to offer.

Products that are key

Offering only the best in Key cutting technology at incomparable prices, UAP Tradelocks bring to you the full set of Keyline Ninja cutting machines at unbelievable prices.

Kevin Pritchard from Tradelocks says, "Our products are market leading. The Keyline key cutting machines are all designed for different purposes, so there is something for every kind of locksmith. They don't just do the job, they are stylish, a real asset to professionals. If they are using them on trade counters, they look professional and High-Tec and customers will see that."

Which machines will be demonstrated?

Keyline Ninja Laser

This is the standard machine for duplicating edge cut door keys and every model of automotive keys on the market.
This product stands out from other machines as it has an ability to process every cutting system and easily obtain software updates -making it the perfect product to cut through market competition.

* Carat-key-cutter.jpgCarat Key Cutting Machine

The Carat machine with 2 sided jaws is a simple cylinder cutting machine, designed to cut cruciform keys and flat keys for car and cylinder locks. It is capable of cutting multiple cylinder and cylinder car keys.

Prided on how flexible, safe and easy to use it is, the Carat Key Cutter allows for the deepest and most rapid cutting.

* Falcon_142.jpg
Falcon Key Cutting Machine

This standalone tibbe key cutting machine is the only mechanical cutting machine for special keys; designed for code keys, particularly the tibbe. It comes with jaws for Jaguar, Ford, Abus and Abloy, which have an exchangeable design.
The Falcon is prided on its ability to maintain flawless key stability throughout the cutting process ensuring perfect key execution.

* Ninja-Dark_142.jpgKeyline Ninja Dark

This high-precision automatic duplicating machine is simple to use as it requires almost no experience. You simply insert the key and choose the quick copy option, and all the hard work is done for you.

The Ninja Dark is perfect for cutting shops and trade counters as its smart appearance will be sure to impress customers. It is also extremely safe, as it only works with its lid down, meaning no goggles necessary!

* Ninja-Vortex.jpgNinja Vortex Machine

Being the only complete machine that cuts high security laser and dimple keys, the Ninja Vortex is one of a kind. It has an engraving system that lets you personalise metal heads via graphic etching with no need to remove the key from the jaw.

By using Liger software, it can process every cutting system and easily obtain software updates. This along with its high speed performance for cutting and decoding ensures the Ninja Vortex will take the locksmithing industry by storm.

* Keyline-Ninja.jpgKeyline Ninja

Compact in design, this is the best machine for the more expert locksmith looking for single solution to link simple functions with more evolved ones.

The Ninja is used for high precision code cutting, duplication and decoding of single and double-sided flat keys.

All of the products being showcased at this year's MLA Expo can be found on the Tradelocks website: www.tradelocks.co.uk or call Axel today on 0161 796 7268.

23rd September 2015

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