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17th July 2024 Issue no. 714

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Working on the Dark Side can increase your profits

* Ninja_Dark.jpgEveryone is looking to increase sales, increase profits, and to use their precious space better and more efficiently. But what if we told you that there is a way to do all that and more, with nominal investment, no skill required, and counter space equivalent to the average Laptop computer? So read on...

We've all seen it before, the old locksmith shops and shoe repairers where the cobbler lovingly cuts a new key using machines that need patience, skill and attention. Oh and of course the gloves to stop fingers being cut, and eye goggles to stop swarf getting in their eyes. And you are right, this would never work in a trade counter environment.

But what if we now said that we can offer you a machine that does everything with a press of a button? That there is no safety goggles needed, no gloves, no skill, and where the machine can be put on your counter top to mesmerise your customers, as well as add to the services you offer?

Welcome to the 21st Century, and welcome to the Ninja Dark from Keyline. The Ninja Dark is the safest and easiest to use key copying machine in the world, and it is available right here, right now, exclusive to UAP Tradelocks!

The Ninja Dark is not just a key copying machine. It is a money making marvel, that will work 365 days a year making perfect key after perfect key, effortlessly and safely. HOW?

The Ninja Dark is one of the new breed of electronic machines specifically designed for Trade Counters and Fabricators who have no key cutting skill or experience. Everything is done automatically for you. You will cut a perfect key in under 1 minute, and you can work away whilst the key is being cut automatically. And everyone will be mesmerised by how the machine works!

David Jennings of UAP says, "Key cutting is profitable, but people have shied away from it because they worry about the skill required and the need to wear googles etc. But the Ninja Dark takes all of those worries away. And it becomes an enticing, working, moving, display in anyone's Trade Counter. Everyone is fascinated by machines working, and the Ninja Dark gives show stopping performance after show stopping performance, day in and day out!

The Ninja Dark will copy flat edge keys like the common cylinder keys, household keys, and it will even cut double sided car keys!

So where's the market?

There is no secret that everyone needs keys cutting, and that is why key cutting on the high street is so popular. Everyone who visits a trade counter will want keys cutting at some point. Maybe for themselves, or maybe because their customers need extra keys. And now this profitable market is opened to you thanks to the Ninja Dark!

As mentioned previously, key cutting is hugely profitable. A typical key blank will cost around 25p or under, and key cutting prices ranging from £1.99 to £2.99 per key cut, and typically most people get at least 2 keys cut at a time!

So adding the Ninja Dark will not only increase your core services, but it will also attract more business from people wanting simple flats keys copied.

The Ninja Dark from UAP Tradelocks is available now at www.tradelocks.co.uk! For more information and to see the Ninja Dark in action watch the video now at www.tradelocks.co.uk

7th October 2015

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