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17th April 2024 Issue no. 701

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Introducing PhysHack

* PhysHack.jpgPhysHack provides physical testing and security assessment services. Simulating a real life threat against a business or organisation in an agreed and controlled arrangement will provide the best proactive assurance of the effectiveness of defences.

This is offered not only as an external threat actor but also as an insider, as a way of discovering what internal staff may be exploiting; whether that be abusing IT system access, stealing information or property assets, or taking advantage of internal facilities.

Security defences such as CCTV, Door Access Systems, and guarding may be bypassed or defeated if not effectively operated. "Hold that door please. This box is heavy!". The human behaviour element behind these defences is always the weakest link - something a clipboard style assessment will not identify.

As an exclusive start-up offer through Locks and Security News only, PhysHack is offering services free of charge to one selected customer per service type. Whether you would like to receive this for your own organisation, or whether you are a security solutions provider wishing to represent this opportunity to one of your own clients, please visit www.physhack.co.uk for details.

* SafeHackUK.jpgPhysHack partners with SafeHackUK for network penetration testing services. Further to LASN article "Does your website have a leak?" (7th October 2015), and in light of the recent TalkTalk hack, web security is paramount to protecting your customers, your own business and its reputation.

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28th October 2015

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