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17th April 2024 Issue no. 701

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A lock pick with leverage

* Multigauge.jpgGot a mortice lock that needs picking? The Multi Gauge Mortice Lever Lock Pick has been designed for ease of use, functionality and effectiveness on multiple mortice locks, and is available now from Tradelocks!

Designed by leading locksmith professional Chris Belcher, this fantastic lock pick is made to open all curtain bolt thrown mortice locks, including BSI rated locks, and locks from the Chubb detainer series.

The pioneering pick covers all 9 gauges of a keyhole and has a thumb turn design for lever angle recognition - making it simple and effective at opening mortice locks in wooden doors.

Tools made for locksmiths by locksmiths

Chris Belcher is an industry leading locksmith who has worked with Tradelocks over the years to develop some of the most popular locksmith tools on the market. He aims to pinpoint issues professionals have with their standard tools and find solutions. The Multi Gauge Mortice Lever Pick is designed to make the process of opening this particular kind of lock that bit simpler.

He said, "This pick is made for ease of use and that has been achieved by making it loose and easy to tilt. The main aim of the design is to make picking stubborn locks possible. You want a pick that can open a lot of locks, even the trickier ones.

The curtain pick is easy to turn and by remaining loose it allows for leverage - the better the access to the lock the more effective the picking will be."
When it comes to picks and locksmith tools, each professional has their certain favourite products and know what they like. Chris Belcher products are enormously popular and are tools made for locksmiths by locksmiths.

Tradelocks and Chris Belcher

Tradelocks are extremely proud to host a range of the Chris Belcher domestic locksmith tools as they are made to the highest of quality and with the locksmith in mind. These tools are specialised in making the opening of mortice locks and safes as simple as possible, by being as practical as possible. Some of the other tools in the Chris belcher Signature Collection at Tradelocks include the innovative RPCP sets such as the original RPCP, Chubb 110 Kit and the RPCP pre-lifter set.

The Chris Belcher Multi Gauge Mortice Lever Lock Pick is available from Tradelocks for only £210+VAT. Click here for more information, or visit


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