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22nd May 2024 Issue no. 706

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Attention all Zedfull users 24hr unlimited use now available

* 24-unlimited.jpg... and at an amazing low launch price of only £20 per day

From the 1st of November it now possible to purchase "unlimited use" of your Zedfull for any 24hr period, if you are currently using credits it may be better to switch to 24hr unlimited use on days where you are going to use your Zedfull to do a number of vehicles.

24hr unlimited use can be purchased in advance in blocks of 5, you can turn on one of your 24hr period whenever you like by simply connecting your Zedfull to the Internet. The Zedfull will run credit free for a 24hr period then switch back to credits. Once you have used all your purchased 24hr periods you can purchase more to ensure they are always available without delay.

Look at the benefits:

You can do as much work as you like in a 24hr period for only £20
Often that's less than programming one or two vehicle
Many programming procedures use more than 40 credits (Merc, BMW etc) so switch on a 24hr period and limit your cost to £20
On days where you have no programming to do, your not paying.
Don't worry about wasted credit or jobs that go wrong, it's only £20 for the day.
Don't worry about what to charge the customers, your maximum cost that day is £20.

24hr unlimited use days are only available to buy in office hours so please ensure you have your 5 days pre purchased and ready on your Zedfull for when you want to use them.

The current launch price is available until the 23rd December 2015 so make sure you buy now!
There's no limit to the amount of days you purchase in advance so ensure you benefit from the launch price and buy 15, 20 or even 50 unlimited days now.

Contact Hickleys on 01823 328537 or order online at Hickleys.com

11th November 2015

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