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29th March 2023 Issue no. 649

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Pick the best with Tradelocks generation 4 Pick Gun

* Pink-EPG.jpgPicky about which products you use? The new Generation 4 Electric Pick Gun from Tradelocks is the best pick gun set on the market - making the choice easy!

New and improved, the Generation 4 has been specifically designed to overcome some of the common issues new or inexperienced locksmiths might face, making it the perfect tool for anyone starting out in the industry.

Improving on the already fantastic Generation 3 Pick Gun, this dynamic pick gun set is now available at Tradelocks and will make working on even the most difficult pin tumbler locks possible.

New and Improved

Ultimately this is the easiest tool that can be used for picking locks quickly. Unlike other picks the Generation 4 EPG requires much less power and skill. What makes it so effective is that it bounces all the pins in the cylinder up and down simultaneously, which when combined with proper tensioning allows them to find their correct heights efficiently, opening the lock.

Tradelocks are always striving to develop their products and supply innovative tools which specifically overcome common problems of the locksmith professional. That is why they have worked with industry leading professional Ken Peterson to add an effective tensioner to the pick set. In order to add balance and strength to the tensioning process he added a twist to the tensioner - making for a more effective performance.

The addition of the Tradelocks plug spinner has helped create a more comprehensive kit. The plug spinner is most commonly used when an auto or cylinder locks is picked in the wrong direction or if picking the lock requires the plug to be rotated in one direction and then flipped. The plug spinners high rotation torque can be applied to the plug while the lock is being picked, enabling the lower pins to move across the shear line as well as helping prevent the drivers from dropping into the lower chambers.

* EPG-kit.jpgFurthermore, aside from new additions to the overall set, Tradelocks wanted to improve the power of the pick gun itself. Now with an enhanced battery pack, providing longer life; better soldering points, to withstand the amount of power being released by the gun and a better working on/off button - the Generation 4 is even more equipped than its predecessor to help you with your lock picking needs.

As all locksmiths know, having the best tools is key, especially when you are out and about on jobs. Something as simple as not having to worrying about recharging a tool before each use can be massively beneficial to the professional.

By using unique lithium power the gun doesn't lose charge when it isn't being used, so you won't have to charge it up between jobs - making this not only the best product for the job, but the best product to get you from job to job!

To get your hands on the Generation 4 Pick Gun set, check out: www.tradelocks.co.uk

16th December 2015

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