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31st May 2023 Issue no. 658

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Traka keeps Health and Safety standards sweet at Nestle

* Nestle-York.jpgTraka key management systems are helping the Nestle packaging and ingredients site in York better its health and safety compliance process.

The warehousing and logistics centre where the Traka key cabinets have been installed are being used to manage access to forklifts and other material handling equipment, as well as restricting access to sensitive areas.

The world-renowned confectionary company is utilising the Traka software in a very sophisticated way, as it has been programmed to revoke access to keys based on up-to-date licenses and health surveillance.

To operate equipment at the Nestle site, operators must have up to date licenses as well as periodic health surveillances to ensure that they are medically safe and qualified. Previously, the team were managing the compliance to a very high standard, but wanted to further their efforts by ensuring an automated system was in place, leaving little to no room for human error.

The Traka software is able to monitor when user's licenses and health surveillances expire. The expiration date will be logged and will cause keys to be locked off from the user. This means that even if an operator had made an honest mistake and had forgotten their own expiration dates they wouldn't be able extract a key from the cabinet.

The software also enables the operations team to note when users are due to upgrade, helping everybody to keep compliant with the HSE regulations. Because of this functionality, Traka won the "2014 Safety, Health & Environment award at Nestle York".

The key management system from Traka is also helping Nestle become more efficient, as keys for essential equipment like forklift trucks are crucial to the smooth running of the logistics centre. Misplaced keys not only cause health and safety issues, they also incur expensive downtime. The Traka key management system creates accountability, so management know who had the key last. This means that staff are much more likely to return the key on time.

* Traka-Nestle.jpgAt the Nestle site in York there are also sensitive areas that house equipment and mains power. Only trained individuals should enter these areas. To ensure there is no room for human error or misuse, Traka key cabinets ensure only authorised personnel can access those keys, and those areas.

Rob Endley, Area Safety Advisor for Nestle, said: "We have always taken our HSE compliance requirements seriously, and have previously been vigilant about making sure our operator's were up to date with the safety standards. However, the Traka system has allowed us to make compliance a seamless part of every day life. If you don't comply, you can't access the equipment.

It's simple and effective, and gives us all peace of mind that our operators are safe and we are complying with the health and safety standards that we are dedicated to upholding."

Steve Bumphrey from Traka said: "What is great about this project is how Nestle are utilising the software to its full potential. Traka software can be programmed in a large variety of ways that suit the individual site, according to the challenges they face. The Traka system is not just about hardware and providing a hierarchy of access rights, it can provide as much or as little as the company requires.

"Nestle has taken its commitment to ensuring the very best health and safety standards and has made it an intrinsic part of how the Traka system works for them."


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