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29th March 2023 Issue no. 649

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How your kettle could steal your car

Ford's ambitious plans to link cars to household appliances has come under fire from a cyber security expert who said the technology could make it easy for hackers to steal their cars and data.

The carmaker wants drivers to be able to switch on their heating, lights and even smart kettles from behind the wheel, but cyber-hack guru Tony Dyhouse said security software in appliances could easily be breached by online criminals.

As a result of having your vehicle linked up to devices in your home, hackers could steal your car using your kettle, he warned.

Ford says you'll soon be able to control things like the lighting and heating in your house from inside your car. But experts have growing concerns connected smart devices could be hacked, leaving cars vulnerable to theft.Ford detailed its Smart Device Link technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month.

The company said it was exploring connecting its cars to smart home-hubs like the Amazon Echo and Wink, both of which control a variety of household devices at the same time.

As well as being able to control things like the thermostat, television and other smart appliances in the home from the driver's seat, the carmaker also wants owners to be able to explore the opposite: stopping, starting, locking and unlocking their vehicles from the comfort of the sofa.

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