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31st May 2023 Issue no. 658

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Brand new range of Access Tools available at Tradelocks

* A-T1.jpgTradelocks have increased their collection of Auto Locksmith merchandise by adding a range of products by Access Tools. Make difficult lockouts a thing of the past! Tradelocks has added professional access tools to their already impressive catalogue of products - giving locksmiths every possible solution to their auto needs.

Access Tools are renowned in the industry for using only the best quality materials and for their investment in tool development. The selection of products Tradelocks now supplies ranges from long reach access tools, wedges and jack tools to their euro car opening set.

* A-T2.jpgProducts include the ever popular Access Tool long reach triple reach set, at an amazing price of just £44.99+VAT. It includes three of Access Tools most popular long reach tools, allowing you to be ready for any situation that requires different long reach tools. All the tools included in this set have a scratch proof coating that protects the vehicle's finish when performing a lockout and they also include the Store-N-Go handle for extra tips storage.

The snap and lock tool is the only tool on the market with interchangeable tips that snap and lock into place. It has a scratch proof coating that protects the vehicles finish when performing a lockout, ensuring no damage is done to the car. Not only does this fantastic product come with a store-n-go handle for extra tips storage, but also a pre-bent extension piece and a regular 90 degree hook tip.

* A-T4.jpgThis tool can also be purchased in a set for only £44.99 with inclusive accessories such as 6 interchangeable tips, a regular tool end, straight extension piece, a loop tip for vertical buttons, a flexible neck magnetic tip to grab keys and also a LED lighted tip for low-light condition.

The wedgee wedge (pictured left) with attached strip saver is a patented tool that works in a completely different way from any other wedge on the market. Curved in shape it enables a quick and easy insertion by bypassing the window sash channel which usually blocks the wedge - this way you can get the room you need to insert your tools into the door cavity.

* A-T5.jpgPerfect for all vehicles is the 4 pack set of air wedges (pictured right), including some of the most popular sizes of air wedge. The bladder on the wedges is made of ballistic nylon instead of rubber, which means it won't stretch and damage the vehicle. They come with a built in stiffener which prevents the wedge from bending when inserted.

Created specifically for use on European vehicles, and at an incredible price of just £119.99+VAT, the range of equipment in the set will cover a wide range of vehicles and jobs. Inclusive with a heavy duty carry case, it includes:

* A-T3.jpg* Handed Jack Tool
* Air wedge
* Glass Man Wedge
* Wonder shield
* Long reach tool
* Flexible loop tool
* Access smart light to illuminate the inside of the vehicle through the windscreen
* Quick training manual and DVD

This fantastic new collection of tools are available at Tradelocks at incredible introductory prices, so make sure you get yours before offers end on Thursday the 18th.

To see the full range from Access Tools and Tradelocks, check out: www.tradelocks.co.uk

17th February 2016

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