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12th June 2024 Issue no. 709

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Codelocks releases a series of new product updates for its best-selling locker lock

* Mini-Slam-Collage.jpgCodelocks has announced a series of product updates for its best-selling locker lock, the KitLock 1000. The new features, which include a battery level indicator, slam latch accessory and six-digit NetCodes, are designed to make the operation and maintenance of the locks much easier to control and manage.

"We are constantly looking at ways to make our range of digital door, cabinet and locker locks easier to use on a daily basis and the features we've announced today are good examples of some of the enhancements we've made," explains Grant Macdonald, Managing Director.

* Battery-Level-Check.jpg"With the Internet of Things (IoT) continuing to take centre stage, customers tell us that greater connectivity is key and our plan is to automate more and more features to take advantage of this trend.

"An example of this is our NetCode application, where users can generate lock codes from a remote location and send them to the person requiring access via email or SMS - a process far more convenient than having to manually generate codes, and saving a great deal of time if codes need to be issued on a regular basis."
The new product features include:

- Battery level check - an update to the software so that users can perform a quick and easy operation to see how much battery power remains. In addition to the low battery indicator, the new feature allows users to proactively keep an eye on power levels and plan for imminent battery changes.
- Slam latch accessory - only previously available for the KL1200 and KL1550, when fitted the new mini slam accessory allows effortless shutting of the locker door. The latch can be retrofitted to existing products or purchased for new installations.
- Six-digit NetCode - The new KL1060 will operate with six-digit NetCodes instead of twelve. A shorter access code is an obvious benefit to the person receiving and using the code, as they are less likely to make mistakes when punching it in.

The new battery level check is included in all new KL1000 purchases, the slam latch accessory is available for £6.50 from the company's website: www.codelocks.co.uk The KL1060 will be available by the end of March 2016.

2nd March 2016

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