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20th September 2023 Issue no. 672

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Car key cloning at Tradelocks

* Keyline1.jpgNEW Keyline car key cloning accessories available at Tradelocks at special introductory prices - for a limited time only! From ID48 cloning machines, to can chips, electronic heads and horseshoes; Tradelocks has it all covered when it comes to car key cloning machines and accessories. Supplying all the products an auto locksmith needs to carry out successful cloning services.

Keyline, part of Bianchi 1770 Group, are renowned for their quality mechanical and electronic key cutting machines as well as being leading manufacturers of transponder car keys and the first to develop the ID48 chip cloning system. Tradelocks supply a range of their products at unrivalled prices and are constantly updating their stocks with the products you need to make your job easier and your services more extensive.

The Keyline TK23 electronic head and Tibbe Horseshoe is one of the latest Keyline products now being stocked at Tradelocks; they are available at the fantastic introductory price of just £5.99 each - with extra discounts on multiple orders. This is a complete 4C Ford Tibbe cloning key, and can be used with either the BI884 Ultegra or the 884 Decryptor Mini.

The Keyline TK24 Glass Chip 4C is also new at Tradelocks and available for a limited time only at just £3.99 per chip or £2.99 when you buy a minimum of 100. This blank cloning can has been designed to work with Keyline key cloning machines including the Zed Bull Transponder Machine.

ID48 Cloning at Tradelocks
Both of these fantastic products are designed to be used in conjunction with either the ultegra BI884 or the 884 Decryptor Mini, which are also available at Tradelocks. When used with the Megamos Crypto cloning Kit or the Megamos Xtreme, these machines can clone keys for hundreds of vehicles and are extremely easy to use.

* Keyline2.jpgIf you haven't yet added ID48 cloning to your services you could be missing out on an extremely profitable gap in the market - as ID48 cloning pays back in just 4 jobs!

* Mini-decryptor.jpgThe 884 Decryptor Mini is the perfect product for anyone looking for a cost effective and simple to use solution to ID48 cloning as it has the ability to clone around 85% of cars on the road. When bought from Tradelocks this product is nearly a quarter of the price of its nearest rival - saving you money to stock up on all the cloning accessories you'll need to offer the maximum amount of services.

The Ultegra is the ultimate key cloner solution to electronic keys and remote controls. Cloning of Philips Crypto 1st and 2nd generation is straight forward on this machine and it has the ability to perform stand-alone cloning on fixed code transponders, as well as Texas Crypto Transponders using Keyline TK40/TK100 electronic heads.

It has a built in radio frequency station for cloning Philips Crypto 2nd Generation using RK60, which is entirely compatible with all Keyline horseshoe blades for Philips crypto cloning.

* Megamos-Xtreme.jpgThe latest update from Keyline, the Megamos Xtreme completes this incredible ID48 cloning package, with its ability to clone all Megamos Crypto Transponder keys. Used with either the 884 Mini or the BI884 Ultegra, in just one update you will be able to clone almost 95% of all cars, motorbikes and trucks still circulating from the past 20 years. That is almost 2000 car models - allowing you to increase your cloning business up to 20-30%.

* Xtreme-kit.jpgAs if all this was not enough, Tradelocks also offer a range of courses including the 1 day Keyline cutting and cloning course. So if you are looking to add auto services to your current locksmith services, then you can find all the products and all the training you'll need, entirely from Tradelocks.

Offers on Keyline accessories end on Thursday 10th of March 2016. For more information, please go to: www.tradelocks.co.uk

9th March 2016

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