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27th September 2023 Issue no. 673

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'Petya' ransomware locks your computer screen then encrypts files

By Cammy Harbison

On Thursday, Heise Security reported a new form of ransomware called Petya that locks users' computer screens while encrypting their files. While ransomware infections in general are on the rise, the Petya ransomware uses two interesting tactics not previously used by ransomware attackers.

Ransomware attacks usually occur after a victim has clicked on a poisoned link inside of an email or on a website. But more recently, ransomware attackers have been changing their methods to fool more victims.

Last month a Locky ransomware outbreak occurred after victims opened what looked like a legitimate Word Document attachment. Petya ransomware utilizes a similar method. The attacker poses as a job applicant, sending a polished email to the victim with a Dropbox link. The attacker states the link is to a resume but that the file is too large to send via email. This type of social engineering can catch even cautious users off-guard and allow the infection to begin.

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