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22nd March 2023 Issue no. 648

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Cut crime, cut grass!

* cut-crime-cut-grass.jpgSpringtime encourages thieves to spring locks - VPS issue a reminder that grounds maintenance is part and parcel of security

April showers combined with some warm temperatures has seen an explosion of growth in the garden. Unkempt lawns, hedges or grounds surrounding such properties attracts unwanted attention, particularly for properties that are temporarily vacant.

VPS, the UK's market leader in specialist property management and site security services, has issued a reminder to landlords and facilities managers that unmaintained, uncared-for environments is a security risk.

"Securing a property that is temporarily vacant is not just about locks, alarms, & cctv." comments Gavin Pringle, Managing Director of VPS. "If lawns or grounds around a property are neglected, particularly with the Spring growth, then it attracts fly-tippers, vandals, opportunistic thieves, or even arsonists."

Over 60 fires a day occur in the UK in or by an empty property, and every 40 seconds an illegal fly-tip takes place.

Earlier this year VPS created five new service areas including Grounds Services, comprising a team with 35 years' experience in maintaining properties' immediate environment, including clearing away rubbish, cleaning up graffiti and, yes, cutting the grass.

In addition, hard & soft landscaping, fencing, playground management, civic flower displays, hanging basket provision and maintenance, highway verge maintenance, cleaning and void clearances, also form part of the services which include a large arboricultural division.

"It is not just part & parcel of managing a good security strategy, but keeping grounds maintained and looked-after will also help find new tenants or buyers far more easily than a neglected, run down exterior." Gavin Pringle concludes.

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