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22nd March 2023 Issue no. 648

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Camlock Systems restores security on vending machines

* Camlock_Systems.jpgLocking experts Camlock Systems Ltd helped Impulse Autovend South Ltd to restore security on their vending machines after the company lost more than £55,000 from repeated break-ins over a 16 week period. Camlock's locking insert, the T8 Bullet, provides excellent security and helps Impulse Autovend to control the keys in circulation.

Impulse Autovend specialises in the sale of snacks and soft drinks through vending machines, many of which are located in train stations in the South of England. When the vending company discovered that a thief was regularly emptying the cash boxes of their machines, they sought help from Camlock Systems.

The thief was detained with around 500 keys for cashboxes from various vending manufacturers, which he had bought off the internet.

After careful consideration of Impulse's security risks, Camlock Systems recommended their T8 Bullet locking insert. Interchangeable locking inserts like the T8 Bullet are compatible with pop-out T-handles and padlocks such as Camlock's Series 19 high security bar padlock. The T8 Bullet makes it easy to adjust security according to specific risks or to upgrade security, without replacing the locking handle or padlock.

The T8 Bullet features Camlock's patented Octagon system which makes unauthorised key duplication virtually impossible. The keys for this lock can be registered ensuring that keys are only issued to authorised Autovend employees. This locking insert with its distinctive bullet shape has 10 locking pins for increased security and a hardened steel core that helps to prevent drilling and drive-through attacks.

The T8 Bullet comes with approximately five million different key combinations. Camlock aims to supply only high quality key combinations to ensure that keys operate no other than the relevant lock, even when moved around slightly.

Camlock Systems' industry knowledge has helped Impulse Autovend to restore the security of their machines.

More information about the T8 Bullet can be found on www.camlock.com

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