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10th April 2024 Issue no. 700

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NVR by Genius Vision

Genius Vision offers a free non-commercial version of NVR - If you have a personal security system and want to be able to monitor that system remotely, then a NVR may the solution for you. NVR or a network video recorder provides a means of recording video to external as well as internal storage devices via a dedicated device.

Typically, any system which provides security monitoring software can range well into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending upon the complexity of the software. And where there are "free" versions of software available, these generally are beta versions of a product which will eventually go commercial and lack the stability and the field testing to be of any merit. As a result, those seeking NVR software have become increasingly frustrated. Thankfully, Genius Vision has developed a professional grade product for the NVR sector. What is better is that the non-commercial version is free.

Is NVR secure?
Genius Vision's NVR system allows you the freedom of a network program within a secured network. The visuals cannot be accessed by just any individual and the cameras are only visible to those which have access to the network. Furthermore, the tamper alert system for their software ensures that the physical devices are left alone and that you can monitor the data without the fear of the video being manipulated. Those accessing with the Web Browser function must have the secure username and password to access the data. As with any network program there is a minimal amount of risk. However, Genius Vision has implemented a substantial amount of security features to minimize this risk.

Why Use NVR?
Network based systems can be used from any devices that has a compatible Windows program. As more devices are integrating the software into Smartphones, Tablets, and other devices, this makes the NVR software ideal for those which want to have control over their network cameras, but lack the ability to have a dedicated security team monitoring the cameras at all times. With the integration of the software to the Windows based programs, individuals can access a number of features and unlock potentials which are not available on DVR based systems such as:

- The ability to stream by phone?
- Full remote control access and control?
- Real-time configuration?
- Tamper alert systems?
- Counters?
- Zoom-ins?
- Tripwire detections?
- 16 by 16 grid?

While there may be a bit of similarities in professional DVR programs and the NVR, there are few which are free for non-commercial usage which offer the array of functionality and diversity.

The difference between Genius and other programs
Genius Vision NVR free software provides the user with an all in one IP video management system. Unlike other programs which are on the market, this means that you get the network video recorder, the 360 Panorama functions, a Central Management System, and an Intelligent Video system.

The network video recorder does require the user to have a set of cameras. Once properly installed, the NVR allows the user to run the program from most Window devices, optimize disk recording and playback options, have multiple profiles and formatting options including H. 264, remote control access and features, email and FTP uploading and management, phone streaming, digital watermarking, and 64 bit system support.

The difference between Genius and the "free" software which is available on the market is that you are getting a product that can be used. Other software offers a trial or a highly watermarked glitch product which can only be fixed if you decide to buy the full version of the software. In other words, you do not get a free product. Really with other products you are downloading an advertisement for the software and not the software. If you cannot use it, then what is the point in having it? With the Genius Vision NVR software you get the full version of the interface (complete with the 360 panoramic function, zoom, backwards play, and triggers) to use without information clouding the screen, constant offers to upgrade to a professional version of the software, and best of all no glitches.

Do you want to know a bit more?
If you would like to see the NVR software in action then you may take a moment to look at these video series on YouTube. Additionally, if you are familiar with how NVR software functions and would like to dive into the software and see first hand the functionality and features, you can download the full non-commercial version from:

11th May 2016

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