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27th September 2023 Issue no. 673

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Clone it your way with Tradelocks smart cloning solutions

* smart-cloner.jpgIn celebration of Keyline's glass transponder chip launch, Tradelocks are putting a huge promotion on all Keyline smart cloning solutions.

For a limited time only, Keyline cloning products will be available at record low prices; you can get your hands on the new range of glass chips, electronic heads, Ford remote keys, emergency keys and universal smart remote keys as well as Keyline smart cloners and both the Megamos and Megamos Xtreme software at remarkably low prices - giving you a massive choice of cloning solutions!

Glass Chip Transponder Technology

The new GK100 Universal Glass Chip from Keyline has been designed to replace the TK100 heads; they fit to all pod keys, some OEM remotes as well as many of the KD900 remotes. The Gk100 chip is already available at Tradelocks and for this week only can be bought at a very special price.

In June the new GKM Glass Chip will be launched, which allows for quick, easy and reliable cloning of all Can and Non Can Bus Megamos ID48. The GKM is a T6 size glass chip which offers full Megamos ID48 cloning even in situations where OBD key cloning is not yet possible. It fits into OEM remotes, KD900 remoted and pod keys to replace TKM heads.

These new innovations from Keyline offer a cloning solution to around 90% of cars on the road. What makes them so unique is the fact there is no need for additional tools like batteries for them to function. Just like the electronic heads, glass chips are charged from the electromagnetic field, generated by the antenna in the ignition lock - meaning they have an unlimited operation life.

Cloning just got smarter

Both the GK100 and GKM work perfectly with the 884 Decryptor Mini which is also known at Tradelocks as the Keyline Smart Cloner 90 - as it allows for cloning of over 90% of vehicles on the road.
The Keyline Smart Cloner will recognise any key to be cloned and start the process automatically. You don't need any detailed transponder chip knowledge, you don't need to be experienced, the Smart Cloner does it all for you, instantly and simply. Tradelocks have huge offers on the Smart Cloner 90 as well as 'bundle deals' when you buy the cloner with the Megamos Xtreme Software.

And smart cloning does not stop at the Smart Cloner machines. The Keyline Smart Cloning system gives you choice so you can 'clone-it-your-way.'

* Clone-it.jpg

Clone it your way

You can now choose between using an Electronic Head with a Horseshoe, or use the new GK100 Universal Glass Chip and a Pod Key with you smart cloning machine.

The TK100 Electronic Head and GK100 Glass Chip are both universal solutions covering 4C, 4D and ID46, and they save you time, space and hassle. The quality of these products means you get no transponder loss of power - improving your reputation with no call backs.

This week Tradelocks are giving you all the power, with the full range of 'clone-it-your-way' accessories on offer - from electronic heads to glass chips and horseshoes.

And remember, Keyline has brought the complete cloning time down to under 2 minutes - making smart cloning the quickest as well as the smartest choice!

So join the smart cloning revolution today and grab yourself a brilliant deal on Keyline products at Tradelocks. For full details of Tradelocks promotions which will run until Thursday the 26th of May go to: www.tradelocks.co.uk

25th May 2016

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