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31st May 2023 Issue no. 658

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Get into auto, get Access Tools at Tradelocks

* Auto.jpgFor a limited time only, Tradelocks have a massive 25% off Access Tools. Get long reach tools, wedges and jack tools at unbeatable prices until Thursday 16th of June. 

Whether you want to air bag a door, squeeze through a glass side pane, hook a button or pull a handle, Access Tools have the product you need, and you can get your hands on these world renowned tools at Tradelocks.

Long reach Tools
The collection includes a variety of long reach tools to aid difficult lockouts. The tools are available in a range of lengths and with various features that help create leverage.

The snap and lock base tool is the only tool on the market with interchangeable tips that snap and lock into place. It can be purchased in a set with inclusive accessories such as 6 interchangeable tips, a regular tool end, a straight extension piece, a loop tip for vertical buttons, a flexible neck magnetic tip to grab keys and also a LED lighted tip for low-light conditions.

The long reach lightening rod is also perfect for anyone who often finds themselves struggling in low light conditions, as it has a LED light up tip. Its pre-bent shape means it can be used in most situations without the need of any extension pieces and the inclusive extra battery will keep you prepared for any job.

Remote control tools are flexible and versatile, created specifically to pull up vertical buttons and tackle door handles. They are simple to use; just put the loop around the button or the door handle. They are also long enough to fish any keys that may be left on the seat of the car.
Tradelocks also supply a triple reach set, including 3 of the most popular long reach tools available.

These tools have scratch proof coatings that protect a vehicles finish when performing a lockout - ensuring no damage is done to the car. Plus, they come with a store-n-go handle for extra tips storage.

Wedge Tools
Wedge tools from Access Tools are also 25% off; theglass man tool is a wedge that has been created specifically for frameless window vehicles - it uses built in Lexan sheets around wedge shaped hard rubber to quickly create a space for a long reach tool to be inserted. This is a must have accessory for work on this type of window.

The wedgee wedge with attached strip saver is a patented tool that works in a completely different way from any other wedge on the market. Curved in shape it enables a quick and easy insertion by bypassing the window sash channel which usually blocks the wedge - this way you can get the room you need to insert your tools into the door cavity.

An upgrade from the traditional wedge; the one handed jack tool has been designed to create enough space to insert the air wedge without causing any damage to the vehicle. It uses a rubber pivot to create this leverage.

Perfect for all vehicles is the 4 pack set of air wedges, including some of the most popular sizes of air wedge. The bladder on the wedges is made of ballistic nylon instead of rubber, which means it won't stretch and damage the vehicle. They come with a built in stiffener which prevents the wedge from bending when inserted.

And finally, if you're looking for a selection of tools to help you with a pesky lockout then look no further than Access Tools Euro car opening Set. Created specifically for use on European vehicles, the range of equipment in the set will cover a wide range of vehicles and jobs. Inclusive with a heavy duty carry case, it includes:

* Handed Jack Tool
* ?Air wedge
* ?Glass Man Wedge
* ?Wonder shield
* ?Long reach tool
* ?Flexible loop tool
* ?Access smart light to illuminate the inside of the vehicle through the windscreen
* ?Quick training manual and DVD

The promotion runs until Thursday the 16th of June and full details can be found at www.tradelocks.co.uk

What's more, Tradelocks are kicking off the euros with a fantastic giveaway. Between now and the 8th of July, with every order over £300 + VAT Tradelocks will be sending out a FREE crate of beer - to help you enjo y the summer of football!

15th June 2016

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