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15th March 2023 Issue no. 647

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Aurora unveils breakthrough access control technology straight out of sci-fi

* Aurora-FaceSentinel.jpgAurora's FaceSentinel in Identification Mode allows users to pass through security doors without cards, tokens or codes. A world-first in access control technology that allows registered users to open doors simply by looking at a sensor, with no need for any additional verification such as tokens, cards or PINs.

The breakthrough access control system integrates Aurora's AI-powered FaceSentinel facial recognition product with Fastlane gates and Door Detective anti-tailgating products from IDL.

"This is seen by many as the 'Holy Grail' of access control," says Aurora Head of Sales and Marketing Gary James. "With no additional tokens, swipe cards or badges required to open a door or turnstile, the advantages in terms of user experience are huge - and obvious. We are very excited to be launching this world-first technology at IFSEC 2016 alongside our product partner IDL.

"Normally 'contact'-type biometrics such as fingerprint scanning start to introduce delays into the throughput, but here we are demonstrating the exact opposite, with users able to glide through the gates without the delays associated with presenting cards or stopping to comply with finger or hand scanners."

FaceSentinel is the world's first biometric access control authentication product powered by Deep Learning; the system uses AI and infrared light to achieve unparalleled facial recognition speed, accuracy and reliability. Aurora's facial recognition technology is - among other places - used throughout Heathrow Airport for boarding pass verification.

Deep Learning is a pioneering technique used to create a highly optimised Artificial Intelligence. It works by first creating a blank "brain": an artificial neural network. This brain is then trained to recognise faces by presenting it with millions of face image examples, enabling it to become more experienced, faster and more accurate at the facial recognition task than any human or existing technology could be. Aurora's Deep Learning capacity is the result of work done by its R&D department - a team of six PhD facial recognition experts led by Dr Tom Heseltine.

The cutting edge technology behind FaceSentinel also includes the use of infrared cameras to overcome the inherent challenge presented to facial recognition by fluctuations in natural light.

Integrated Design Limited (IDL) is the designer and manufacturer of Fastlane Turnstiles and Door Detective anti-tailgating products, and has over 30 years of experience and a worldwide distribution and installation network.

At IFSEC International 2016, FaceSentinel will be running on IDL's stand (F1600) in two modes of operation: the token-free Identification Mode, and Verification Mode, which adds an extra biometric layer to the functionality of any access control system. In Verification mode, a registered user swipes his or her pass card or key fob and FaceSentinel simply confirms whether the person holding the credential is the same person registered within the organisation's access permissions system. This authentication happens in a second or less, providing unrivalled levels of access security for high risk sites including power stations and other utilities and critical national infrastructure facilities.

IFSEC International 2016 is Europe's largest security exhibition, and takes place from June 21-23 at ExCel London. For more information and to register to attend, visit: www.ifsec.co.uk

About Aurora
Aurora is one of the UK's leading providers of biometric face recognition systems with over a decade of experience and full ownership of our own technology. From our base in Northamptonshire we serve scores of clients in a variety of markets including the air industry, construction, logistics, and many others. With over a decade and a half of experience we have developed deep domain knowledge of the deployment of face recognition solutions and customers using our systems have completed over 100 million successful transactions. www.facerec.com

About Integrated Design Limited
Integrated Design Limited is the designer and manufacturer of Fastlane Turnstiles and Door Detective anti-tailgating products. Established in 1985, IDL is a global brand with distribution and support across six continents. Through intensive research and development, IDL has developed a range of products which offer innovative solutions to many of today's most common and pressing security dilemmas. www.fastlane-turnstiles.com

22nd June 2016

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