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31st May 2023 Issue no. 658

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Householders turn to DHF for cylinder locksnap solution

Awareness of the growing threat of lock cylinder snapping is surging amongst trade professionals and the general public alike. Locksmiths, security specialists and householders are increasingly visiting the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) website to find out more about the BSI Kitemarked TS 007 three star solution.

In the last year, the TS 007 information page on the domestic householder section was the most visited page on the entire DHF website after the main home page.

Almost 10,000 visitors accessed the page (www.dhfonline.org.uk) which describes the ultimate door security protection afforded by lock cylinders and handles rated to TS 007.

As public knowledge of this type of lock attack grows, locksmiths and security specialists have the assurance that they can provide an answer based around the trusted Kitemark.

TS 007 was developed by the DHF and the Glass & Glazing Federation. It has the support of BSI and Secured by Design. It is a 3 star security solution. Security to the Kitemarked TS 007 standard can be achieved by either a combination of a TS 007 cylinder (marked with one star and the Kitemark) and TS 007 security door furniture such as a strengthened door handle (marked with two stars and the Kitemark); or a "super cylinder" (marked with three stars and the Kitemark) that successfully resists snap attack without the need to fit additional door hardware. In both cases, the same degree of resistance against cylinder snapping is achieved.

"The benefit of supplying products sporting the BSI Kitemark logo to customers wanting enhanced door security is its universal acceptance and recognition in the market place," said DHF general manager and secretary Michael Skelding.
"It has gained a high degree of trust in the public perception. To householders and businesses alike, the Kitemark has been the accepted security mark for locks for decades."

There are many benefits to the locksmith and security professional in supplying Kitemarked TS 007 solutions. The locksmiths and security professionals can demonstrate that the products have been independently certified by a third party. Third party certification is a guarantee to the end user/customer that a product has been independently tested by an approved authority other than the manufacturer and installer and then certified. BSI awards the Kitemark once it has seen test reports and has satisfied themselves that the product has been independently and rigorously tested. In addition, BSI audits the lock makers' manufacturing facilities and their quality management systems. BSI also insists on regular re-testing of the product.

Because the TS 007 three star security rating can be achieved by a combination of cylinder and door handle, as an alternative to cylinder replacement alone, the locksmith and security professional have greater flexibility in meeting the needs of his customer.

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