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22nd March 2023 Issue no. 648

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Spotlight falls on attack-resistant locks after security row

* Kitemarked-cylinder.jpgA row over the online sale of lock picks and other thieves' tools to the general public has accelerated interest amongst locksmiths and security professionals in locks that successfully resist attack.

Police chiefs have expressed concern over the ready availability of lock picks and similar devices and have criticised one leading online retailer for selling equipment that could encourage or facilitate crime.

In addition to lock picks, other types of equipment attractive to burglars, such as bump keys, are freely available from online retailers. There are also instruction manuals and videos demonstrating lock snapping and other methods of lock attack that can be downloaded from the internet.

This led to the development of a domestic door security standard designed to defeat lock attack - TS 007. The BSI Kitemarked TS 007 three star cylinder solution withstands five methods of lock attack: picking, drilling, snapping, bumping and plug extraction. TS 007 was developed by the DHF (Door & Hardware Federation) and the GGF (Glass & Glazing Federation) and has the support of Secured by Design.

A Kitemarked TS 007 cylinder is designed to replace the Eurocylinder typically used in locks found in domestic entrance doors made of PVC-u and composite materials which form the bulk of domestic entrance doors in the UK.

Security to the Kitemarked TS 007 standard can be achieved by either a combination of a TS 007 cylinder (marked with one star) and TS 007 security door furniture such as a strengthened door handle (marked with two stars); or a "super cylinder" (marked with three stars) that does not need additional door hardware. In both cases, the same degree of resistance against attack is provided.

Said DHF CEO Bob Perry: "The ability to purchase thieves' tools on the internet, and the opportunity to go online to learn lock attack methods, has been a concern to police, lock manufacturers and security professionals for some time. The online availability of lock picks just adds to the burglars' armoury of equipment they can obtain to attack door locks. TS 007 was a major industry initiative to meet these threats.

"Locksmiths and security specialists are increasingly advising their clients to replace Eurocylinders with TS 007 rated cylinders and handles to provide a three star domestic security solution."
RISCAuthority, the insurance-backed organisation that supports best practice in the protection of property and business, has referenced TS 007 and other standards developed by the lock industry in their recent Guidance to Occupiers publication.

There is evidence, too, of increased awareness of the growing threat of lock attack amongst householders. They require locks and security devices that sport the familiar BSI Kitemark. In recent times, the TS 007 information page on the domestic householder section was the most visited page on the entire DHF website after the main home page.

For more information about the BSI Kitemarked TS 007 three star cylinder solution, visit www.dhfonline.org.uk

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