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24th May 2023 Issue no. 657

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The History of Locks Museum News - Chubb Archive

* Chubb-Archive.jpgToday's future in the lock trade is as exciting as it was 150 years ago, true the main innovators now are global concerns meeting the needs of an increasing but technological demand.

Here at The History of Locks Museum we actively research and remember with fondness how we reached this modern age with our equally passionate and innovative forebears. And so we are proud of another resource presented to us for the archaeological record.

Most readers will be aware of the web site www.chubbarchive.co.uk established by Peter Gunn in 2004. Peter, who had spent a lifetime with Chubb, and like many other employees lamented the passing of the Chubb brand and with the aid of his considerable knowledge and the lock registers set up a web site to record the products, remember the staff and record as many anecdotes as could be found; this he achieved with great success.

The web site and registers have now been passed to The History of Locks Museum to further develop, and hopefully inspire, with that fondness for a brand that was so much to do with the English lock making scene but it also had great influence on lock making both at home and globally.

The registers are particularly useful to locksmiths, historians, archaeologists, collectors and even the users of the brand since it not only identifies a lock serial number to a year of manufacture but also shows the month and day, so now locks can be accurately and positively dated.

We have created an on-line version of these registers together with images and basic info about the lock, so you should be able to deduce an approximate date for your own items by visiting the site.

We are also happy to look up the records for specific Chubb lock numbers, simply send us a few pictures (on a plain white background) including one with the cap off if possible and of course one of the serial number. Selected locks will be added to the on-line registers and of course credited to the owner/keeper unless specifically requested otherwise.

Chubb acquired many companies into their group including Chatwood-Milner, Hobbs and Lips in the post WWII years and we will also be developing these registers as well, therefore we might also be able to assist in dating these brands also.

The site has additional sections where staff reminisce about the 'good old days' so if you or your family or even your ancestors worked for Chubb we would love to hear from you.

Therefor its hopped that this additional resource will not only add historic interest to the old ways but will also help keep locks and security in the forefront of people's minds, resulting in safer more peaceful world.

For more information or pictures please contact:-

Brian Morland
Historian - Curator: History of Locks Museum Heritage Collection, Reference Collection & Archive.
Global Locks & Locksmithing Catalogue Keeper.

Tel: +44 (0) 1202 513787
Mob: 07849 940050
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.historyoflocks.com www.chubbarchive.co.uk

16th November 2016

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