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22nd March 2023 Issue no. 648

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CPNI approval for ievo fingerprint readers

* ievo-ultimate_rain.jpgievo Ltd, the Newcastle-based manufacturer of biometric recognition systems, has received a further boost to its growing reputation with continued approval for their latest revision of the market leading ievo ultimate(tm) fingerprint reader from the CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure).

The flagship scanner product is included in the CPNI's trusted Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE), permitting its use in protecting a wide variety of Government facilities.

Rated to IP65, the ievo ultimate(tm) uses an advanced sensor which employs multispectral imaging (MSI) technology to scan and capture data. MSI uses multiple light sources to read not only the surface of the skin, but also data points from the subsurface level (up to 4mm deep) of a finger. The different light sources can penetrate levels of moisture and debris present on the skin to read data points below. This advanced method allows for a high number of uniquely identifiable data points to be recognised and used for a more accurate, reliable and efficient verification process.

The readers are also designed for both external and internal use and are equipped with an internal thermostat controlled heating system allowing them to operate in temperatures as low as -20˚C and up to 70˚C, being IP65 rated, they can function in a variety of environmental conditions (i.e. rain, snow, extreme heat etc).

The readers can be installed to work with a variety of access points such as turnstiles, barriers, doors etc. and integrate with the vast majority of leading access control systems. The integration options available using ievo systems means that existing security systems do not necessarily need to be replaced, but rather can be upgraded with the biometric measures provided, likewise new systems can be fully customized depending on the requirements of the installation or client.

Shaun Oakes, Managing Director of ievo Ltd, commented, "We have been CPNI approved for earlier models for some time, and now we are delighted that the latest improvements to our scanners are also fully approved for UK Government use. We are confident that this accreditation will not only help in boosting sales, but will also act as a merit to the quality assurance of the ievo Ltd brand."

For more information please visit: www.ievoreader.com

18th January 2017

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