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20th September 2023 Issue no. 672

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How do organisations know who has permission to be in their building, and who doesn't?

At a large hospital in Hartford, Conn., USA, last year, a security guard noticed something about a man who was approaching the entrance to the maternity wing. He held up his hand for the stranger to stop. "The visitor badge you are wearing is no good," the guard announced. "You have to go to the front desk and get a new one."

The visitor, surprised, asked, "What's wrong with the badge I'm wearing?"

"Your badge says VOID," was the reply from the guard. "And the date is NOT today." Realizing he could proceed no further, the man turned around and walked toward the main entrance.

This rebuffed visitor was wearing a "time-expiring" visitor badge, a product of the Visitor Pass Solutions line by Data Management, Inc. The man's badge may have been issued as recently as the day before. But, because it was engineered to change color overnight, the badge showed a pink "VOID" image that the guard could see from a distance.

When visitors sign in to a facility that uses these expiring visitor badges, whether by signing into a log book by hand or being registered by computer software, they are issued identification in the form of a label that is unlike any other, for two reasons:

1. The badge expires over time to discourage re-use and to prevent re-entry.

2. Its fabric-friendly adhesive keeps the visitor ID badge securely in place so it doesn't fall off - unlike ordinary labels that are designed to stick to envelopes or shipping cartons.

Once issued, the badge starts to turn colour within six to eight hours, completing the change by the following day. This removes the need for staff members at the front desk from having to retrieve badges as visitors depart.

Visitor Pass Solutions are used by thousands of businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, and government agencies all over the world. Organisations may find out more about expiring visitor badges, and request free samples, at VisitorPassSolutions.com or by calling 800-243-1969

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