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29th November 2023 Issue no. 682

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Cloud security firm Netskope raises US$100 Million

Netskope, a security startup based in Los Altos, Calif., has raised $100 million in funding, says business magazine Fortune.
Netskope is what's known as a "cloud access security broker," meaning that it acts as a gatekeeper between businesses and cloud-based apps.

"Every single customer and industry is being turned upside-down because of the cloud," Netskope CEO Sanjay Beri said. "Many of the incumbents are being caught with their pants down."

Netskope's technology allows businesses to "put guardrails" up around cloud services, Beri said. It lets businesses see which apps employees are using and where sensitive or personal information is being uploaded while giving companies the option to restrict people's access and to apply certain data protections like encryption.

Customers send their traffic through Netskope's infrastructure, housed in private data centers around the world, to monitor.

This year Netskope plans to debut a service that protects customers using not only work-related apps and social media, but across the web. The company is extending its reach, for instance, to cover news websites and blogs that may host malicious content capable of infecting visitors' devices.

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