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29th March 2023 Issue no. 649

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Sargent and Greenleaf advanced security ATM lock for banks, ATM OEMs and cash-in-transit

* SG-Keypad.jpgSargent and Greenleaf (S&G), a division of STANLEY Security that manufactures high-quality mechanical and electronic locks for safes, vaults, safe deposit boxes and highly sensitive SCIF environments, introduces A-Series with Display, the newest lock in the company's ATM access control management system.

S&G's A-Series portfolio of products includes locking systems that manage multi-vendor access to ATMs using time-limited, single-use codes, electronic locking keys and other advanced features, saving premise time and simplifying ATM service.

The A-Series with Display is the ideal application for ATMs, whether bank-owned, produced by OEMs or serviced by Cash-in-Transit (CIT) companies. The large, 30-character display screen boasts universally recognizable texts, codes and icons. Regardless of native language, technical background or traffic and noise volume around the vicinity of the lock, the display screen allows trouble-free lock interpretation, permitting users to act on information quickly and accurately.

This enhanced ATM lock works on S&G's Digital Platform, a solution that offers a flexible, modular design and faster, more secure data transfer for more advanced security. With a verified USB flash drive, up to 1,000 events - including exactly when the lock was accessed and by whom - can be effortlessly uploaded to coordinate and analyze the security for faster, more powerful auditing. The S&G Digital Platform permits analysis of a single or multiple lock system across many users without supplementary software.

"The new A-Series with Display is our most advanced ATM security lock in the A-Series portfolio," states Brian Leary, chief operating officer, Sargent and Greenleaf. "Combining the functionality and reliability of our A-Series locks with the 30-character digital display screen, high-power auditing and audio integration, the A-Series with Display allows a more intuitive training process, while increasing an ATM's security measures."

In addition to the 30-character display screen, multiple visual and audio elements are integrated into the A-Series with Display. Green, yellow and red indicator lights, combined with beeps and braps, enhance the experience. As an extension to the A-Series with Display, the new S&G A-Series One-Time Code App gives customers a faster, simpler way to obtain lock codes without needing a dispatcher.

Other features include:
- 10-minute average installation time
- A-Seal code generated automatically when lock is closed
- Bank mode that allows up to 30 users and 99-minute time delay
- Penalty lockout after five failed attempts
- Service mode that requires PIN, touch key and one-time-code to open

"A-Series with Display is a significant advancement for the industry as it relates to the two main areas of lock operation -- trouble-shooting and training," states Travis Ferry, senior electrical engineer, Sargent and Greenleaf. "With the large frontal display, it allows the end-user to immediately determine and resolve the issue easily without having to rely on audio feedback and LED flashes."

"In addition, this ATM security lock provides easier employee training when the unit is displaying all the steps on the screen. Being able to see the time and date as the unit is being programmed, as well as the serial number and battery level, are vast enhancements," states Ferry. The A-Series with Display is available in four different bolt types and has attained the following certifications: UL Type 1, Vds Class 2, CEN B, A2P B/E and RoHS Compliant.

For more information on the S&G A-Series with Display or other products in the A-Series portfolio, please visit, www.sargentandgreenleaf.com

16th August 2017

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