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12th June 2024 Issue no. 709

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Israel: Thursday biggest night for locksmiths, poll shows

Thursday night is Israel's big night out - and the biggest night for Israelis to get locked out, according to data from "The Professionals," an organization that provides a platform for independent tradespeople like locksmiths, plumbers, and electricians to offer their services. Fully 25% of the "lockouts" - instances in which people lose their keys and are unable to get into their homes - occur on Thursday nights.

That's probably due, the group said, to the fact that more people go out on Thursday nights. When people get locked out, they call a locksmith, and hence Thursday night is the busiest one for workers of that profession. Between 10% and 15% of lockout calls occur on Sunday through Wednesday nights; Saturday night was the least busy for locksmiths. Throughout the week, most lockouts occur in Tel Aviv, which is fortunate, as about a quarter of Israel's locksmiths are based in the city.

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