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24th May 2023 Issue no. 657

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8MAN release 9.0 with new features, more user-friendly and enhanced data security

Highlights include individual cockpits, 8MATE Exchange Logga which monitors inbox activity, alarms for FS Logga events and user profiles that facilitate compliance checks.

Access rights management from 8MAN has long been the benchmark in many security-driven companies and authorities. Now 8MAN has taken another technological leap forwards and is set to make release 9.0 available to all users.

Stephan Brack, CEO of Protected Networks GmbH, explains: 'Release 9.0 streamlines 8MAN and makes it even easier for everyone to use. First and foremost, we are providing our customers with even better data security. The release comes with a myriad of new features and existing elements have been improved. Some of them are geared towards managers specifically as they too have to actively manage data protection alongside the administrators.'

The Manager Cockpit: boost the security powers of managers
Administrators are not the only ones responsible for access rights management and data security; managers are too. Protected Networks has therefore added a Manager Cockpit to 8MAN where every manager can ensure tighter data security and manage access privileges for their entire team or sphere of responsibility.

8MATE Exchange Logga: monitor inbox activity
Companies organise many important elements of communication with Microsoft Exchange. Access privileges are crucial, as is meticulous activity monitoring. The new 8MATE Exchange Logga logs the actions of inbox owners, their representatives and administrators, including actions that are of particular relevance to security:

- Hard delete: who has deleted emails, contacts or calendar entries from the Exchange server?
- MessageBind: has someone from IT viewed my emails?
- SendAs: who has sent emails in my name and when?
- SendOnBehalf: who has sent emails on my behalf and when?
- SoftDelete: who (except me) has deleted emails from my inbox?

8MATE Alerts: set file activity alarms
8MAN monitors the file server events triggered by users in order to log security incidents efficiently. If an unusually high number of file server events occur in a short period of time, 8MAN notifies everyone in charge of the following:

- Data theft: a user account reads an unusually large number of files in a short period of time ('File read')
- Sabotage: a user account deletes a lot of files in a short period of time ('File delete')
- Ransomware attacks: a user account carries out a combination of file creation and deletion ('File create' and 'File delete')
Compliance Check: define, apply and check user profiles

8MAN raises the bar for user provisions. With the new user profiles, managers, heads of department and compliance officers can define the extent of the IT privileges of employees within the company. Department specific profiles are now also available to set standards and optimise the overall joiner-mover-leaver process:

- When a user account is created, it is given the profile defined for the relevant field of activity.
- If an employee moves to a different department, the new superior can simply apply his/her departmental template to the user account.
- If an employee is granted additional non-standard privileges, a compliance monitor will notify the superior. A head of department can use bulk operations to bring the user accounts into line with the profile for his/her department. This is most important when a user account has been updated.
CEO Stephan Brack concludes: 'In light of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, data security is of increasing relevance even from an official and judicial perspective. The new 8MAN features help companies meet the increasingly strict IT compliance requirements. - These requirements are not only being called for by legislators, but also frequently by customers and key certification bodies.'

About 8MAN
8MAN (www.8man.com) is a leading access rights management (ARM) solution in Microsoft environments which protects companies against unauthorized access to sensitive data. 8MAN's core functions are permission analysis, security monitoring, documentation & reporting, role & process optimization and user provisioning. Developed in Germany by Protected Networks, this software solution sets the standards for professional network security and agile IT organization. It also offers state-of-the-art functionality while fulfilling established security and compliance guidelines.

28th February 2018

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