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27th September 2023 Issue no. 673

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Dahua's open platform boosts integration potential with third-party apps

Third-party applications can now be downloaded directly on to Dahua network cameras, thanks to its newly launched Dahua Open Platform (DHOP), giving integrators, resellers and users unprecedented integration opportunities.

Currently available on the Ultra IP camera series, but in future available on all new models, DHOP is user-friendly in several ways. For third-party partners, it eliminates some of the previous restrictions, allowing them to develop their own applications.

They can also develop their own webpage/web clients to manage their applications. For integrators, resellers and end-users, it provides choices for the most suitable add-on applications developed by third-party partners. These have been comprehensively tested and verified by Dahua for their interoperability and reliability.

Working with Dahua through DHOP will bring wider benefits in the long term. Strong support is guaranteed not only during development, but also during the later stages. Verified and tested applications will be released on Dahua's website with its global user base. DHOP partners have the potential to participate in various marketing activities and be promoted via the Dahua global partner networks. End-users can purchase licences directly from DHOP partners, whom Dahua will help to release the licence in cameras.

AxxonSoft was first to develop a DHOP-based solution. An application installed on the camera collects information about moving objects, including coordinates, direction of movement, size, speed and colour. This metadata is transmitted to the Axxon Next VMS server along with the video stream. The data can then be used for powerful scene analytics, or saved in the archive for instant criteria-based searches.

The joint solution by Dahua Technology and AxxonSoft has multiple advantages over systems with server-side video analytics, because it allows the server to process about 10 times more video. And passing raw metadata (instead of events) makes the system very flexible. Users are not limited to the detection tools available on a camera either, because they can use any of the Axxon Next VMS video analytics tools - detection of line-crossing, motion and stopping in a restricted area, loitering, abandoned objects, etc.

The AxxonMomentQuest fast video search system is also based on metadata and does not require pre-configuring detection tools. The video search criteria are set on the fly (for example, find a red car in the parking lot), which makes it truly interactive.

"Our joint solution, without exaggeration, brings smart video surveillance systems to a new level of accessibility and cost-effectiveness," said Alan Ataev, AxxonSoft Global Sales Director. "Initial investments are reduced significantly due to lower equipment costs. At the same time, the system stays current for a long time due to the continual development of Axxon Next video analytics and free updates."

"We believe this open platform will gather all sorts of exciting new ideas and innovative solutions in the field and by combining our strengths, we will benefit the industry as a whole and the world in general," said James Wang, Deputy General Manager of Dahua Overseas Business.

Openness, an essential element for modern collaboration and enhancing the surveillance industry, has always been a concept close to Dahua's heart and is now being realised via DHOP. With its mission of enabling a safer society and smarter living, Dahua will continue to focus on innovation, quality and service to serve its partners and customers around the world.

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