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27th September 2023 Issue no. 673

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AMG launches 90W Power over Ethernet switches for high functionality CCTV applications

* AMG-PoE-switches.jpgAMG Systems' new additions to its Industrial Ethernet switch range provide PoE options for even the most demanding of video surveillance applications

Technological acceleration in the 21st century means that CCTV cameras are becoming increasingly powerful and feature-rich. These advances allow the capture of higher quality, crisp and clear images in circumstances traditionally unkind to video surveillance: extremes of temperature and precipitation, harsh sunlight, dark interiors and remote locations.

But with this increased functionality comes increased demand for power - and in many cases it's not feasible to run dedicated power cables or use additional sources to provide that extra power.

This is why AMG Systems has introduced the newest member of its Industrial Ethernet switch family: models able to deliver 90W of power over Ethernet cabling.

Power over Ethernet, or PoE, is the ability to pass both power and data over twisted pair Ethernet cabling. The benefits for CCTV systems are clear, as not only can the Ethernet cables send video, power and additional data to networked cameras, they also help with:
- Costs - PoE eliminates the costs of hiring electrical installers
- Simple, rapid deployment - Just plug Ethernet cabling into compatible equipment for required functionality
- Flexibility - Powered devices are able to be deployed at almost any location with an Ethernet presentation, without the need for additional power supplies
- Safety - The relatively low voltage of Ethernet means it presents a low risk of electrical hazards
- Scalability - PoE makes it simple to add equipment to a network

The most common standards for Power over Ethernet deliver 15W (802.1af - PoE) or 30W (802.1at - PoE+). But AMG's new products are able to offer 60W and 90W of PoE to help provide simple and effective installation for surveillance systems with the most demanding of power requirements.

AMG Sales and Technical Support Manager Ian Creary says AMG's new media converter and switch range, delivering up to 90W per port, enables enhanced deployment options for next-generation high powered surveillance products.

"We're seeing more and more examples of camera deployments where the additional power our 90W PoE option presents can be really useful," he says. "In many cases these are fully functional pan-tilt-zoom cameras with in-built illuminators for low-light operation, heaters to prevent condensation issues, wipers for use in wet environments - this sort of functionality is now more the norm rather than the exception.

"For example, we can see the way that 90W PoE switches provide benefits for the monitoring of motorways. Those cameras operate at all hours, so can require illumination and heaters, as well as PTZ capabilities, and wipers to deal with the water thrown up off the road by traffic.

"Our full portfolio now includes 15W, 30W, 60W and 90W managed, unmanaged and semi-managed industrial Ethernet Media Converters and Switches. The result is the widest variety of options for even the most complex and demanding of applications. And the switches have all been designed to deliver high performance even in the harshest of environments, operating in temperatures ranging from minus 40 deg C to 75 deg C."

AMG Systems is the only UK-based IP and Ethernet transmission product manufacturer and solution provider. AMG's experience in the secure transmission of video images and data is unparalleled. It designs, manufactures and implements solutions for customers, and is able to do so with a level of in-house control which makes AMG products less vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks than other companies, which are reliant on third-party hardware and software. This allows AMG to live up to its tagline: 'Putting the 'Secure' back into 'Security'.

To find out more about AMG's range of Industrial Ethernet PoE switches, visit www.amgsystems.com email [email protected], or call +44 (0)1767 600 777.

9th May 2018

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