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22nd March 2023 Issue no. 648

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Hands-free translator launches as UK's language skills deficiency cost £17bn in first quarter of 2018

* Tragl.jpgThe world's first live hands-free translator, Tragl, has launched, enabling people that speak different languages to easily communicate with one another through a single headset, as it's found that the UK's language skills deficiency cost the British economy up to £17bn in the first quarter of 2018*.

The new tech works through a patented audio system that transmits the translation via a loudspeaker, and then the reply is translated to the headset's earpiece in the user's first language. The device could prove of great service where security guards might well encounter many individuals of various nationalities such as office reception areas, major tourist spots, airports, seaports, railway termini, and national borders.

Tragl uses AI software to enhance voice recognition in the headset, so only the two people having the conversation are translated and background noise is cancelled out.

The revolutionary device can be used both online and offline, with the offline mode catering to 10 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French and German, the top five languages needed by the UK "for prosperity and influence" post-Brexit according to a 2017 British Council report. Tragl's online mode caters to 30 global languages.

The tech start-up is crowdfunding £224k ($300k) on Indiegogo to mass produce the headset, which retail at around £201 ($270) per unit, however investors can receive a 40% discount.

Tragl's aim is to revolutionise communication and break down language barriers, with a specific focus on commercial communication, for organisations such as airlines, trade shows, corporate events and meetings - and in turn boost business around the globe.

Alex Shchipanov, founder of Tragl said,

"Language is a wonderful thing and what sets us apart from all other species on this planet, so I think it was high time that technology produced something to make it easier for everyone. We live in a global economy and it's important that the worldwide community can work together as well as possible.

"We are so excited to launch Tragl as it can be useful in so many situations - many of us will be able to relate to not being able to understand and communicate with another person, both professionally and personally. I see Tragl as the future of communication and a cornerstone of successful business in the future."

*Based on UK GDP for Q1 2018 and 2014 research by Cardiff Business School for UK Trade and Investment.


4th July 2018

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