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21st February 2024 Issue no. 693

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Elecpro Group display their highly-advanced smart lock, US:E, at CES2019

* US-E-Smartlock.jpgElecpro Group the developer of the smart lock US:E, will be bringing their new product to the 52nd CES Product Show, which opened on January 8, 2019 in Las Vegas, USA.

The smart lock was launched on Kickstarter at the end of 2018 and has been well-received on the platform.

In the modern era of personal intelligence, smart locks have been becoming increasingly important as the successor to traditional locks. Modern science and technology pushes the development of the intelligent age, changing human life and consumption habits. With the emergence of new products, there will be many new developments in the smart lock market.

US:E is a highly innovative product, combining a variety of excellent unlocking functions and face recognition. This cross-border technology perfectly combines intelligent technology, safety and convenience, which has attracted widespread attention in the industry. Interested parties can come to view this smart lock at the A-D 41364 booth in the Smart Home Zone on the 2nd floor of the Sand Hall.

Compared to security, the most eye-catching part of US:E is its "intelligence and convenience"

The design and the manufacture of US:E smart lock held safety as its top priority, so it is built from a zinc alloy, German B-class lock core, making it both strong and tough.

From a technical perspective, the team first added 3D face recognition technology into the smart lock. Although 2D face recognition technology uses highly advanced algorithms and software, the security level is still not high enough and it can be easily cracked in a limited information receiving scenario. 3D face recognition, however, utilizes three-dimensional imaging through a 3D camera, which can recognize the three-dimensional coordinates of each point in the field of view, so that the chip algorithm can obtain the spatial 3D data and realize intelligent three-dimensional positioning, greatly improving analysis accuracy and judgment. This makes it suitable for scenarios that have high security demands such as the financial field. With this smart lock, there is no need to use a key or even hands to unlock the door. The user only needs to look at the US:E infrared scanning lens to open the door.

US:E smart lock technology team also integrates wireless visual doorbells to achieve dual recognition of images and voices to increase the security and reliability of smart locks. The high-definition wide-angle camera cat eyes allows the user to easily monitor the environment outside of the door through the US:E smartphone app. With a network connection, the whole situation outside the door can be viewed in real time with cloud video playback and two-way voice. For example, if a courier arrives at the door when no one is home, instructions can still be given to the courier and their actions can be monitored without the need to install another camera.

Additional unlocking methods include keyboard password as well as fingerprint recognition with an average response speed of less than 0.3 seconds, representing unimaginable intelligence and convenience. The lock can also be unlocked through the app, making the user's smartphone a key.
Elecpro Group Inc has always believed that the "lock" is of key importance to the family, shouldering the mission of protecting families and their homes. The company spent three whole years researching and developing how to better protect families and, with more than 20 years of experience in the security product industry, the R&D team believe that the US:E smart lock is truly what can "Guard Your Family Wisely".


9th January 2019

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