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12th June 2024 Issue no. 709

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New multi-tool accessory: the extremely durable Fein e-cut carbide pro BiM-TiN saw blade

* Fein.jpgFEIN will introduce the NEW E-Cut Carbide Pro saw blade. The blade's carbide teeth coupled with their TiN coating make the accessory durable and resilient, ensuring a very long service life. Even hard and abrasive materials can be handled with ease.

One huge benefit is that users can cut out hardened screws with the E-Cut Carbide Pro BiM-TiN. The E-Cut Carbide Pro BiM-TiN with Starlock mounting will be available in March 2019.

FEIN's E-Cut Carbide Pro BiM-TiN saw blade sets new standards in durable performance with oscillating multi-tools and compatible accessories - and thereby, closing the gap in its range of accessories. This is because either bricks, hardened or high-strength machine screws can clog the saw blade due to the tool's carbide teeth. Something that is unique to FEIN is the fact that the teeth have a coating made from the metallic hardening component titanium nitride (or TiN for short), which gives the saw blade even greater stability and makes it even more resistant to corrosion.

The TiN coating delivers yet another key benefit: when the saw blade enters the material to be machined, natural friction occurs followed by the production of heat, which may damage the saw blade over time. The TiN coating reduces this production of heat, greatly improving the longevity of the saw blade. This means that the blade lasts 30 times longer than saw blades with HSS teeth and has a service life of 100 percent longer than that of uncoated carbide blades.

Close-to-users: E-Cut Carbide Pro BiM-TiN overcomes tough obstacles in the material.
When developing the new saw blade, FEIN took into account the requirements of its users. As a result, the E-Cut Carbide Pro BiM-TiN is a solution, which more than satisfies FEIN's high quality and longevity standards, as product manager Luisa Riem explains: "FEIN has developed the new E-Cut Carbide Pro BiM-TiN saw blade for interior and metal professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts who don't work under clinical lab conditions and do encounter obstacles in their material." Every time they tackle a job, it is possible that their saw blade will come across screws and other hard materials. "Our durable saw blade will reliably assist users for a long time to come."


6th February 2019

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