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1st February 2023 Issue no. 641

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How Access Control can benefit

* MSL-Access-Control.jpgAccess control systems allow businesses to mitigate security risks by providing an efficient and secure way for employees and visitors to obtain access to areas of the business in which they have permission. Comprising of systems such as key fob entry, video surveillance, pin codes and even biometric scanners, an access control system provides a simple way to monitor access and prevent security breaches.

Access control and security systems can be implemented and checked as part of your property maintenance schedule to ensure they are kept up to date and well maintained.

It is vital that your business has some level of access control in place to ensure the safety of personnel, data and the property itself.

Restrict Access
It is sometimes necessary to restrict access to certain areas of a building from members of staff or tenants. With an access control system, entry can easily be restricted with the use of key cards or fobs.

Traditional keys can provide security issues as they can easily be taken and used to gain access once an employee or visitor has left the business. With access control, a key card or fob can easily be disabled restricting that person from re-accessing the property.

One of the main benefits of an access control system is the ability to protect your business. From restricting access internally to preventing the access of non-employees getting on to your property.

For businesses with a large amount of employees security guards may not recognise every single person, but by providing an access control system such as key fobs will ensure only employees with the correct clearance can gain access. This is especially useful for businesses which hold sensitive information.

Control systems such as these can also help prevent acts of theft and robbery from occurring. Without the risk of traditional keys being duplicated or lost it is harder for unauthorised people to access your property. Paired with visible video surveillance will help to deter criminals.

Cost Saving
Without an adequate security system in place, your business is at financial risk as your property, assets and data are left unprotected. By ensuring your security system is up to date and by controlling who has access to your building, can save your business insurance and possibly even court costs should a breach occur.

Another cost saving aspect is the way access control systems can save your business money in ways other than preventing illegal activity. Integration with other systems in the building such as HVAC, will tell you when certain areas of the building require heating, cooling or lighting dependent on access. This can help reduce energy costs as systems are turned off in areas not in use.

Who enters and leaves your building can be monitored using access control. CCTV and entry systems provide an excellent way to see at what time employees get to work and monitor who accesses certain parts of the building.

Access control systems should be implemented to ensure the safety and security of your business. With thorough systems in place you can monitor and control who accesses certain areas of the building, help to prevent burglaries and vandalism, monitor employees arrival times and even save your business money.


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