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21st February 2024 Issue no. 693

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Why a home should be protected with smart security systems

* Smart-Home-Security.jpgA home houses all your most valuable possessions and, most importantly, your family. So, how can you keep everyone and everything safe from intruders? Here, Wasim Bux from home insurance provider iGO4 tells us how your home can benefit from a smart security system.

Smart technology is gradually having more and more of a presence in the home, whether it's with wireless thermostats or remote-control lighting. At a time when we're more reliant on technology than ever before, gone are the days of simply adding extra locks to your door, as more Brits are opting for smart security systems. Around 47% of households in the UK are interested in installing some form of video security system, according to research conducted by Eureka! Research.

In this article, we'll be highlighting just some of the benefits of having a smart home security system.

Track visitors with a video doorbell
There's a reason why nearly half of the UK's homeowners are interested in having a video doorbell. Not only does this technology allow you to check who's at the door so you can make sure it's safe to answer, but you can also talk to guests directly from your smartphone. This means that you're able to answer the door from anywhere, and there's no way of knowing whether you're home or not. This can deter thieves who will knock on doors to check if anyone's home before targeting the house.

Keep watch with wire-free security cameras
Wire-free security cameras have a lot of extra benefits compared to their standard wired counterparts. They're easier to install and are less permanent, because you're not having to mess around with any cables or power sources. All they need is a charged battery and a Wi-Fi signal to send and store footage in the cloud. Just make sure that your cameras are installed out of easy reach to prevent them being tampered with by potential burglars or intruders.

Feel safe with motion detectors
Motion detectors typically use passive infrared technology to pick up changes in heat. When activated, they can detect all types of human movement in your home or garden. The most common use for residential motion detectors is to trigger outdoor lighting which, when activated, can deter potential criminals. But you could also set up your motion detectors to sound an alarm or send you a mobile alert when it picks up something suspicious. This means that you can track if anyone is lurking outside your property at night and will be alerted immediately.

If you have pets, don't worry - motion detectors are designed to be as accurate as possible and won't go off if they detect movement from pets that weigh less than 80lbs.

Stay secure with smart door locks
Have you ever left the house and forgotten whether you've locked the front door? With a smart lock, you can secure your doors with your phone no matter where you are, so you don't need to worry about your house being vulnerable while you're out.

To get back into your home, all you'll need is a unique access code specific to your door that will be sent via an app. This means you're not having to mess around with door keys, which can get lost a lot easier than a smartphone. Some smart lock systems even let you lock and unlock your doors using just your voice.

With so many useful technologies out there, a smart home security system is a more convenient and secure way to protect your property. So, why not keep your family and your valuables safe with a video doorbell, some wireless security cameras, motion detectors, or even a smart lock for your front door?


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