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17th July 2024 Issue no. 714

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STAR1M - An innovative solution for Standalone Access Control

* STAR1M.jpgStandalone access control systems allow access to many different buildings, including offices, apartments, schools... It is a cost-effective solution where controlled secure access is required.

Standalone systems are designed to be easily installed, only needing a power supply, locking device and exit device to ensure its full operation. They are also quickly configured thanks to function cards to add and delete users. It offers flexibility and variety of access options for users, such as tag, card or code. Most standalone systems are highly scalable, allowing users to upgrade their systems as their needs grow.

However, standalone systems are often overlooked as they do not allow for user management and offer a lesser security standard (most standalone access control systems in the UK market are proximity systems, using 125kHz technology).

With those limitations in mind, CDVI developed and designed the STAR1M, an innovative solution for Standalone Access Control, reinforcing the advantages of a regular standalone system while adding features to resolve some of the general drawbacks.

The STAR1M is a cost-effective and stylish standalone reader. It is easy to mount and being pre-wired easy to connect, while offering an audible and visual feedback when configuration and administration task are carried out in programming mode.
Most importantly, the STAR1M operates under the MIFARE(r) standard (13.56MhZ). MIFARE(r) technology is a read-write technology and is generally more secure than standard proximity [find out more about reader technologies here]

The STAR1M also utilises shadow card technology. This allows you to twin user cards and keep a copy of all your users access cards for easier management.

Lost card? Retired employee? Simply remove the shadow card from the system and the user card will not be valid anymore. This avoids system full default or security breaches. Shadow card technology on the STAR1M allow for the management of up to 300 users.


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