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17th April 2024 Issue no. 701

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Tuya Smart introduces AI home security and smart office solutions

* Tuya.jpgTuya Smart, an "AI+IoT" developer platform that makes plugins to enable manufacturers to transform ordinary products into smart devices, has announced two new solutions at CES 2019. The AI Video Doorbell and the AI Pad, presented at CES in Las Vegas, are next-level security solutions for the home and office that incorporate artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

"Consumers not only want to protect their families and homes through security systems, but also increasingly see them as the basis for smart home control," said Yang during the unveiling at the Sands in Las Vegas.

"In the long run, security systems that can achieve interoperability will replace traditional one-way systems, and with the continuous improvement of functions, the market prospects are very broad."

Artificial intelligence as a security home guard
The AI Video Doorbell uses real-time facial recognition to identify family members, friends, couriers, property managers and even pets, that have been previously added to a "whitelist" and sends corresponding responses to the homeowner's mobile phone once the doorbell has been rung.

Added security comes in the form of remote monitoring, where the AI Doorbell automatically identifies movement by people not on the whitelist and informs the householder of a potential intruder. False alarms are greatly reduced thanks to AI motion detection that can differentiate between, for example, a stray cat and a human form. Even if the owner is not home, the incident triggers a one-minute video recording and is pushed to their mobile device.

All data is processed locally on the device which can be used offline in a network-free environment. Face acquisition, live detection and face comparison functions are all localized on the device as the processing speed is faster than in the cloud.
The AI Video Doorbell is expected to enter mass production in summer 2019.

Smart office and future workplace security
The second solution is the AI Pad, which provides secure access and control of office buildings, and can be used for employee management, attendance system management and identification of employees, with a 99.7% accuracy rate.

The AI Pad, which integrates multiple subsystems, such as smart cameras and sensors, will serve as the "brain center" in smart buildings. After the user enters the face data in advance through the smart camera and obtains whitelist permission, all the smart devices under the control of the central system will be available to the user.

For example, if employees are in their company office building, they can open doors and take the elevator, at pre-programmed times if necessary, without having to carry different identity cards and key cards. However, insurance salespeople and other outsiders can't just walk in and if an employee is followed by an unauthorised person, the system automatically detects them, triggering an alert. AI Pad can also be used to control the building's entire smart system, to adjust the office's lighting, temperature and humidity settings, for example.

"In the future, with the continuous integration of AI+IoT technology in the security field, this technology will provide users with a more secure smart environment," said Alex Yang. "At the same time, the construction of smart homes will also lay a solid foundation for the construction of smart communities and smart cities, and that is where we see Tuya's future."

About Tuya
Tuya is a global IoT platform provider with world-leading voice and Al capabilities. By enabling smart products for consumers, brands, OEM manufacturers and retail chains, Tuya provides users with a one-stop solution that includes hardware access, cloud services, and app development capabilities.

Together with industry partners, Tuya is serving almost 93,000 clients across the globe with 100 million connected devices. Daily device processing requests have exceeded 50 billion, with 20 million AI voice interactions per day, and 15 PB of accumulated data.


17th July 2019

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