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31st May 2023 Issue no. 658

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Loxal Security launches IDACS + : The Second Generation

* Loxall-IDACS.jpgLoxal Security has launched IDACS +, the second generation of its Intelligent Digital Access Control System.

Comments Dan Delaney, Loxal Director: “What we have done is to build upon the strong foundations of IDACS, with the objective of enhancing usability, increasing security, improving connectivity between IDACS and Resideo Videofied, and to streamline the way information is captured. 

“The IDACS user code system will remain the same; units will still be operational via a six-digit code and setting and neutralising the on-site Videofied alarm will be done in the existing way through the IDACS keypad. 

The most notable upgrades for IDACS + are:

Audit: Data will be captured via Bluetooth. This means that anyone who has been  authorised, and has downloaded the newly developed IDACS+ App, can retrieve/download audit trails. These will automatically be sent to Loxal administration.   This has enabled the removal of the SD Card slot which is currently built into the units.  

Connectivity: Units will pole to Videofied.  This enables Loxal units to become a peripheral addition to a Videofied panel and will behave in the same way, for example, as an existing OMV (Outdoor motion viewer). This enables the monitors to establish the Loxal product is live and intact remotely.

The addition of poling to Videofied means battery levels can be monitored remotely.  Although lithium battery level reading is not 100% accurate, it will still give a good indication of when a unit’s power is depleting.  

Security:  Units are installed with Tamper device. Like existing Videofied products, this will send a tamper alert through to the monitoring centre if the Loxal product is removed without warning or authorisation (IDACS+ enables up to 500 authorised users). 

User interface: A light is installed on the front of the unit;  when a correct code is entered the LED will illuminate to indicate that the code has been accepted. The LED will stay illuminated until the power cycle has been completed.

When setting the alarm, the LED will flash in time with the standardised alarm function configuration. This will give visual confirmation that the system is setting. The existing beeps will still sound on IDACS+

Clock:  Real time clock synchronisation to occur when App enabled product is 
connected to unit. This keeps important audit data in time with real time operation.  

Here is a listing of all the IDACS+ products (all IDACS products can pair with the Videofied Alarm)

Key Safes:
·         Letterbox (fits in existing letter flap opening)
·         Face Fix/External Control (wall mounted)
·         Door Viewer (internal fixing through spy hole or door viewer)
·         S-trap (unique strap fixing on hinge side of door)

Block Lock: Multi-purpose site/gate lock (chain, Brenton, hasp and staple)
Locking Bar: Secure front entrance doors in minutes with this unique security device.
Lock Converter: Convert euro cylinder locks to digital keyless access
Temporary steel security doors: The most advanced void security door on the market
Wireless video alarm: All IDACS products are compatible with RSI Videofied Alarm systems.

All Loxal Security products are designed and manufactured in the UK. For further information on this or other IDACS products, call Chris Thompson or Dan Delaney on 0800 9172 994 or visit www.loxalsecurity.com

29th January 2020

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