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22nd March 2023 Issue no. 648

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Statement from Abbey Petkar, Magenta Security, on inclusion of SIA licenced guards in key worker roles

Abbey-Petkar.jpgI am delighted that many SIA licensed guards able to support the country at this time of need and they are being recognised as key workers.

However, the definitions are still far too blurry and it is unclear where one guard is considered to be supporting national infrastructure and the operation of critical roles and another not.

We are living in an unprecedented time where life as almost all those alive today know it faces incredible limitations and challenges. Not for generations has there been an opportunity for us to come together and work as one to bring our friends and family safely through such a trying time. Most importantly, we have the power as individuals to help mitigate the challenges caused by COVID-19 - we simply need to stay home.

Our police and armed forces are likely to come under increased pressure over the coming weeks. Now is an opportunity for our industry to offer more support than ever before. With offices, retailers and food outlets closing, the risks to property and possessions are on the increase. The ability for all SIA guards to go out and do their job is therefore paramount.

SIA Licensed guards are professionals, they often work alone or at a distance from colleagues and are in so many cases therefore not at risk. Wherever possible they should still be encouraged to work and their work should be considered that of a key worker.

If we only allow a minority of SIA licensed guards to be considered key workers then a majority will be forced to stay at home, leaving businesses and people's livelihoods unprotected. The security industry has a chance now to serve our country like never before and I want us to be given the chance to do so.

8th April 2020

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