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29th March 2023 Issue no. 649

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Security guards using virus detecting smart glasses to reopen businesses

* Heat-Sensor-Goggles.jpgTo speed up mass reopening of restaurants, pubs, workplaces and public spaces, bosses are planning on using new virus detection glasses to help isolate those with virus symptoms.

As bosses struggle to get their heads around how to safely re-open their businesses, attention has been paid to technology already successfully being used in China and South Korea - one being the practice of temperature isolation.

The key concept being that if customers with Coronavirus symptoms such as high temperatures can be reliably restricted from entering premises - they can convince the Government that it is safe for their pubs, cafes and restaurants to open safely.

"Businesses need to prove that they can properly protect their customers", says Hannah McDonald from Guards.co.uk, "Even after lockdown is released, the virus will be around and we need to follow China's example on how to restrict the movements of those showing symptoms".

China and South Korea have adopted smart technology to monitor and restrict their citizens in a battle to combat Covid-19. The UK is not likely to follow those same tight controls, however big business is looking into how security guards could be employed using similar technology to restrict the movements of those showing certain symptoms.

Guards would be trained to use AI Smart Glasses to detect, divert and isolate those people they fear may be carrying the virus.

About the Coronavirus AI Smart Glasses
- Camera unit fits onto a normal pair of protective glasses
- Uses detection software to record a person's body temperature
- Can handle 5 people walking towards the guard at the same time
- Data is relayed to a central computer or shown on a screen or headset
- Security guards would then refuse entrance to those showing high temperatures

"We have clients actively investing in technology and staff to protect their workforce from the virus after lockdown is released. Big business wants to get back to work as quickly as possible", says Jonathan Ratcliffe of office management company Offices.co.uk

Other technology such as Temperature Detecting CCTV and the NHS's own Symptom Tracker App are thought to be part of the Government's plan to speed up the release of lockdown and allow the Country to go back to work.
"If businesses themselves can prove they can act responsibly and prevent those with symptoms from entering premises, we are moving towards a sensible way to work as a Country to fight the virus", says Hannah McDonald from Guards.co.uk

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