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29th March 2023 Issue no. 649

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Research: The Top 20 passwords found on the Dark Web

Is yours among them?

Last year, there were 1,862 data breaches according to the Identity Theft Resource Center’s 2021 Annual Data Breach Report. That is an all time high and a 68% increase over breaches in 2020. According to Lookout, the leader in delivering integrated Security, Privacy, and Identity Theft Protection solutions, 80% of people’s emails are leaked on the dark web as a result of data breaches.  

When data breaches happen, passwords for online accounts are also commonly leaked, leaving consumers at risk for identity theft. In order to keep your information safe Lookout has shared the top 20 passwords found on the dark web.

Top 20 Passwords Found On Dark Web:  

  1. 123456 

  1. 123456789 

  1. qwerty 

  1. password 

  1. 12345 

  1. 12345678 

  1. 111111 

  1. 1234567 

  1. 123123 

  1. qwerty123 

  1. 1q2w3e 

  1. 1234567890 


  1. 000000 

  1. abc123 

  1. 654321 

  1. 123321 

  1. qwertyuiop 

  1. Iloveyou 

  1. 666666 


Do you spot your password on this list? Due to the nature of technology and the internet, personal information is always at risk. Without constant vigilance and careful monitoring, you may not notice you’ve been victimised until the damage has been done.  

To begin protecting your data, you can first learn if your personal information may be compromised, and take steps to protect your identity.   

13th April 2022

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