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21st February 2024 Issue no. 693

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SALTO launches BLUEntrance Space Visitor ID Management System

* SALTO-BlueEntrance.jpgSALTO Systems has launched BLUEntrance Space – a fast, seamless, all-in-one Visitor ID and Access Management solution designed to automate operations and digitalise the visitor lobby experience. 

BLUEntrance Space combines visitor identification and access control in a single, powerful platform, providing a host of features that enhance security and streamline the guest journey.

This advanced software solution offers digital pre-registration, contactless check-in and check-out capabilities, real-time reporting, and a secure keyless experience – setting new benchmarks for smart building management and security. 

By adopting BLUEntrance Space, building operators can unlock a multitude of benefits. SALTO’s robust solution delivers a smooth visitor identification process alongside digital and contactless access control. This ensures that only pre-registered guests receive unique access codes via e-mail. Visitors can conveniently check in at smart, contactless self-service kiosks by simply providing their identifying information.  

For pre-approved and regular guests, BLUEntrance Space offers the flexibility to access buildings using RFID SVN smart credential technology, JustIN Mobile digital key, or mobile QR codes. All forms of entry provide building managers with the capability to pre-register occupants, track visitors, and manage access permissions on a case-by-case basis. These entry methods, coupled with built-in cameras, key encoders, and SVN wireless stand-alone smart locks, guarantee a high level of security and protection against tampering.

How it works

Electronic keyless door locks, such as those utilised in BLUEntrance, rely on cutting-edge technology to grant visitors access without the need for traditional keys or front-desk staff stationed at the lobby. Instead, SALTO’s BLUEntrance Space solution uses digital credentials – such as RFID SVN smart credentials, JustIN Mobile digital keys, or mobile QR codes – to authenticate and authorise entry. By eliminating physical keys and through fast, easy, and contactless visitor registration, it provides enhanced security and convenience while offering centralised control and monitoring capabilities through the SALTO Space platform. As a result, buildings can have an automated lobby or reception area that is fully unattended.

The advantages of BLUEntrance Space are numerous and include:

As companies worldwide continue to make the transition to high-tech smart buildings, BLUEntrance Space stands out as an advanced, all-in-one, keyless alternative to traditional visitor registration, ID management, and access control systems. 


29th November 2023

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