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17th April 2024 Issue no. 701

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CDVI releases energy-saving low consumption Maglocks

* CDVI_V3SR_blue.jpgGlobal physical security manufacturer CDVI is investing in green technology for the future. The company has released a new range of electro-magnetic locks which consume much less power than the previous model under normal operation.

The new V3SR series of maglocks is more efficient, more sustainable, and cheaper to run. 

The range includes a standard 300kg internal surface maglock as well as a version with an added buzzer. The previous version of the V3SR had a power consumption rating of 500mA when powered at 12Vdc. The equivalent new version has reduced this rating to just 290mA. For a single maglock powered for 24 hours a day all year, the approximate energy cost drops from £15.26 to around £8.83. This reduction represents a 42% saving in energy bills. 

The average access control system in the UK consists of nine doors. Nine of our new maglocks save almost 2000kWh of energy over the ten-year warranty period, compared to the older model. That’s enough to power a fridge freezer for over 5 years, or to boil a kettle nearly 19,000 times.

Throughout 2024, the CDVI Group is making sustainability a priority. Manufacturing processes are under constant review. Products are being made lighter, meaning less fuel is needed to transport them. Internal components are made more energy-efficient, saving energy and money for end users in the long run. Factory lighting is changing from neon to LED – a simple change that will reduce energy consumption by 50% year-on-year.

CDVI in the UK is also investing in a range of initiatives to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Company vehicles are switching from petrol to hybrid or electric. Product packaging is being reviewed and changed to make it more environmentally friendly. Printing is being reduced by publishing product documentation online. 

General Manager of CDVI UK, Paul Ramsay, said “The CDVI Group, as well as its local subsidiaries, is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and improving sustainability. We are constantly reviewing our products, our packaging, and our practices in order to make meaningful changes.”


14th February 2024

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