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22nd May 2024 Issue no. 706

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Abloy’s Aperio E100 and SMARTair solutions achieve PAS 24 Certification

* AA_Aperio-E100_E900.jpgAbloy's Aperio E100 and SMARTair solutions have successfully achieved PAS 24 certification, demonstrating their ability to protect against attack when combined with other specific products to create a complete doorset.

PAS 24 is a minimum performance standard developed to address the security performance of doors used in various types of buildings, with a primary focus on residential structures. It sets out stringent criteria to test the resistance of doorsets against forced entry attempts. 

Aperio E100 and SMARTair solutions have undergone exhaustive testing to meet these criteria, including assessments of resistance to physical attacks and other security-related parameters. Abloy partnered with ABL Doors to test the Aperio E100 Escutcheon with a FD30 Fire Door featuring a Halsandoor core, a Yale Auto Engage Lock, a Yale 3 Star Platinum Cylinder, and a Eurospec All Race Hinge Class 13, combining all products to create a PAS 24 compliant doorset.

PWIDF Doors joined Abloy to test the SMARTAir imax Escutcheon, combining it with a FD60 Fire Door featuring Halspan door core, an Abloy EL160 lock case, and Yale 3 Star Platinum Cylinder to meet PAS 24 

Jason Boyce, Commercial Project Manager at Abloy UK, explains: “We are pleased announce these two solutions are now PAS 24 certified, offering a robust solution that promotes peace of mind.  

“It's important to note that PAS 24 certification applies to the entire door set, meaning that all components must work together seamlessly to meet the standards. This includes not only the door itself but also the frame, hinges, locks, handles, and any additional components. 

“Therefore, when specifying or purchasing PAS 24 certified products, it’s crucial to ensure that they are part of a complete door set that has been tested and certified as a whole.”

 Abloy’s partnership with door set manufacturer Halspan has also helped the aforementioned Aperio E100 doorset to meet Triple Scope certification. This involves durability cycle testing to severe duty performance, meaning certification for Fire, Smoke and Enhanced Security (PAS24), as well as proof that the door is suitable for harsh environments with repeated opening and closing.

 Jason adds: “The Triple Scope certification and the severe duty rating of the doorset is a game changer, and gives architects, contractors and specifiers the peace of mind that the full door set is not only compliant, but secure, and with the added value of battery-operated access control.”

For further information on products and services available from Abloy UK, visit https://bit.ly/3ISz0yi, call 01902 364 500, or email [email protected]

3rd April 2024

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