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22nd May 2024 Issue no. 706

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Marcia - a revolutionary video surveillance storage solution

* Marcia.jpgCozaint, an innovator in video surveillance storage solutions has launched Marcia, a groundbreaking software platform that dramatically reduces storage costs while making video playback and review effortless.

Cozaint Marcia represents a significant leap forward in the video surveillance storage market. Traditional solutions often require expensive, disk-only storage infrastructure, leading to high costs and complex management. Marcia disrupts this model by leveraging a managed tiered storage infrastructure.

This innovative approach intelligently stores video data across various storage tiers, optimizing cost-efficiency without compromising accessibility. Marcia abstracts the backend storage hardware from the front-end VMS solution, allowing for seamless, fully integrated, and managed online/offline storage while allowing for easy video playback for many VMS solutions.

“We are thrilled to introduce Marcia, a software solution that empowers integrators to unlock the full potential of video surveillance systems,” said Jay Jason Bartlett, CEO of Cozaint. “With Marcia, organizations can finally overcome the burden of high storage costs while ensuring they have a clear and readily accessible record of their video data.” 

Marcia is already available for these organizations using Network Optix’s NxWitness, Digital Watchdog Spectrum® IPVMS, Hanwha Wisenet Wave, Cook Security Piko VMS, and Cozaint’s BOBBYvms video management software systems. Other VMS to be supported soon. If you are a VMS vendor, speak with Cozaint about Marcia supporting for your system. 

Marcia supports multi-tiered storage such as traditional NAS and SAN disk-based storage solutions as well as LTO Libraries from vendors such as Dell PowerVault, HPE LTO Storage (formerly HP StorageWorks), IBM LTO System Storage, Fujitsu ETERNUS, Oracle StorageTek, Overland Storage NEO, Qualstar Q Series, and others. 

Key Benefits of Marcia:

Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications:

Marcia is a versatile solution perfectly suited for various applications, including:


Marcia is available now. To learn more about Marcia and how it can revolutionize your video surveillance storage, please visit www.Cozaint.com/marcia or contact Cozaint sales today at [email protected]. See us at the ISC West 2024 expo.

 About Cozaint

Founded in 2018, Cozaint delivers intelligent surveillance solutions that empower organizations to harness the full potential of their physical security infrastructure. When you need leading edge physical security solutions, lean on Cozaint.  Learn more at www.Cozaint.com

10th April 2024

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