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22nd May 2024 Issue no. 706

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EZVIZ launches the new EL3, a combined advanced security camera and smart adjustable wall light

* EL3.jpgEZVIZ has launched the EL3, a combined advanced security camera and smart adjustable wall light. Ideal for a garden, garage or front door, when the sun sets the EL3 can create pleasant ambient lighting whilst protecting the property with its AI-powered detection capability.

It sends automatic alerts about moving people and vehicles in any selected detection zone and recognises license plates in case someone parks in a drive or blocks the entrance to a property. 

With its 780 lumen light, the EL3 fully illuminates any dark space, and the brightness and colour temperature can be adjusted to fit the mood perfectly. Ideal for creating a party atmosphere for an evening BBQ or for outdoor entertaining. It isn’t even necessary to move from the deckchair as the wall light can be controlled via a mobile phone including setting schedules so, moving forward, it will work on its own. The EL3 also comes with a built-in microphone and speaker so visitors can be welcomed and uninvited guests turned away, all with only a tap on a smartphone. Homeowners can easily tell a delivery driver where to leave a parcel, so no delivery is ever missed, or parcel lost.  
The EL3 renders stunning 2K visuals whether close up or in the distance. It also widens the view that a fixed camera can normally provide by rotating the camera head to take in information from different angles thus reducing blind spots. The foldable bracket can also be adjusted manually to further optimise the coverage. With the built-in spotlights on, the EL3 provides far-reaching colour night vision to restore vivid details of a home’s surroundings even in low-light conditions or when it is pitch black outside. 
This smart camera ensures no visitors are ever missed as, when someone arrives, the EL3 will send a mobile notification and rotate to keep the person in the camera’s view. When at work, on holiday or a daily dog walk, homeowners can be reassured that the home is still fully protected. The EL3 can identify and track the movement of any vehicle and even send instant alerts of the license plate number. For added convenience, all vehicles in a household can be registered to avoid unnecessary notifications. The EL3 does not only serve as a camera and light but is a potent alarm system too. When it detects signs of unauthorized entry, it auto-triggers a loud 92-decible siren while simultaneously flashing dazzling spotlights to deter the intruder. Guaranteed to scare even the most persistent unwanted visitor and deter from ever returning. 
The EL3 employs Wi-Fi 6 to ensure a smooth connection to the home Wi-Fi with minimal delay in response. There is a choice between dual-band Wi-Fi options, (Wi-Fi 6 and 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) to achieve better connectivity, so it stays stable online despite long transmission distances or walls in between, which many outdoor Wi-Fi cameras may struggle with. 
The EL3 camera features a weatherproof enclosure, offering high levels of resistance against dust and water. Simply put, it ensures long-lasting protection even under the toughest weather conditions. Homeowners can secure any recorded videos on a local microSD card of up to 512 GB or subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for fully encrypted cloud storage. Unlike many brands, EZVIZ offers its customers the choice to subscribe or not. It also offers an enhanced viewing pleasure with smaller video files. Compared to the prevailing H.264 video compression technology, H.265 creates a more fluid viewing experience with recorded videos and there is no need to worry about large video files taking up too much of storage space as the H.265 technology reduces their size by up to 50%.

The EL3 is available from Amazon for £129.99, currently 15% off at £109.99.

17th April 2024

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