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19th June 2019 Issue no. 462

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Secure Watch ADT: new technology galvanizes US Home Security Industry

In recent years, America has become increasingly concerned with security and defense, especially in areas that may be targeted by terrorist groups. While security professionals work hard to analyze constant streams of security camera display at places such as airports and government facilities, recognizing threatening situations or persons of interest from so many video feeds can prove difficult.

A recent article from MITnews discusses how modern security tactics are stretched to deliver the response needed to protect buildings and individuals from threatening persons. MIT graduate Christopher Amato is designing an extensive security system that will improve real-time surveillance effectiveness.

Secure Watch ADT is a major home security provider and notes that advances in security can be seen in wireless home security systems as well.
The MITnews article discusses how Amato uses complex algorithms to create artificially intelligent security systems. He explains that his interest in creating such a system was driven by observing human inability to cross-reference and recognize situations and persons of interest quickly enough to deliver appropriate and timely responses. He adds, "If something bad is going on, you want to know about it as soon as possible."

Secure Watch ADT shares Amato's concerns, and while the company's wireless home security systems are not as complex as those under development by MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab, they do prove to provide fast and appropriate reactions to logic conundrums. One representative from Secure Watch ADT explains, "For homeowners too, new and emerging technologies offered by wireless electronic home security systems provide a plethora of possibilities to improve the homeowner's peace of mind."

While Secure Watch systems utilize less complex algorithms to operate, they are designed to recognize immediate threats and resources. In the event of an alarm, the system first attempts to make connection over the landline. If it determines that no connection was made, its built-in intelligence tells it to use the optional cellular network to connect. This provides redundant, media diverse connectivity with no homeowner intervention required at the time of alarm.

The company notes that advancements in security, both for large-scale facilities and single-family homes, are impressive. Decision-making during an emergency can be a stressful task, even for trained security professionals; with this reliable, robust technology, the public can have a greater peace of mind. Secure Watch is fascinated by these developments and is committed to improving its own solutions to raise the level of protection for families and their belongings.

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