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17th July 2019 Issue no. 466

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Can a company grow too big? With plunging shares and national humiliation G4S has certainly appeared to have made a complete shambles of the London Olympics security contract. On the one hand, they knew just how many security personnel were needed to begin with, and surely someone keeps a list of how many have actually been engaged to work there? Compare one list to the other and hey presto! you know at once whether you have a shortfall or are over manned. In a nutshell its what contractors do all the time, whether security, cleaning or any other service that is contracted out.

On the other hand, will it really really affect actual security at the Games all that much? We don't think so. With all the military personnel, police and hardware already earmarked for Olympics duties on top of the security personnel they have recruited, another few thousand here or there aren't going to to make much odds, especially if all they are going to do is just give directions. Some have even pointed out that it might be the regulations that have held up the recruiting process. Maybe if G4S had just subcontracted and thus taken on security personnel who had already been accredited it might have made the whole process - certainly less profitable - but far speedier. Mind you, how many years have we known the Olympics were going to be held in London?

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